Every Hipster’s Favorite Beer Is Now Even More Potent

Frat boys, hipsters and fans of domestic, mass produced beer can finally rejoice together because one of their favorite brews is now quite a bit higher in alcohol. Recently, Milwaukee’s best Ice (or as it is lovingly referred to: Beast Ice) has jumped from the still-higher-than-most-beers 5.9% alcohol by volume to a very potent 6.9%. Hopefully this means that the guy wearing torn skinny jeans, a bandanna, and a winter hat indoors won’t have to buy as many of these bad boys to catch a buzz.

MillerCoors (the owner of Milwaukee’s Best) announced the alcohol content change on billboards throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Essentially letting folks know, “Hey! Your favorite beer pong beer will now get you 1% more drunk than before.”

The 6.9% is creeping into craft beer ABV territory. Most domestic beers (think Budweiser, Miller and Coors) are in the easy drinking area of 4-5% alcohol. While some craft beers are creeping well past 10%. Oskar Blues even makes a beer called TenFiddy.

Recently, the craft beer industry has seen an influx of higher alcohol content beers. But, obviously when you pour yourself a Bourbon County Stout you’re likely going to drink it slowly and only treat yourself to one. It’s doubtful if people would stand in line to purchase a six pack just to play Beer pong with the stuff. At 13% or more, that wouldn’t make for a very fun end to the evening. You might need a detox beer afterward.

Don’t worry though. MillerCoors spokesman Marty Maloney told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the beer “contains far less alcohol than most wine, liquors and even a number of other beers.” So, there you have it: At least you’re not drinking a can of wine. (Although, that IS a thing.)