Rick Astley Is About To Rickroll The Whole Beer Industry

Rick Astley was incredibly famous in 1987 when his song “Never Gonna Give You Up” debuted and quickly flew up the charts, reaching number one in twenty-five different countries. He had another hit with “Together Forever” and toured the world. Like so many pop icons, the good times didn’t last too long.

He never found the same success afterwards and decided to retire from music in 1993. Recently, he returned to music, dropping an album last year that hit #1 in the UK. Having successfully made a comeback, Astley has set his sights on another industry: beer. The fifty year-old pop singer is about to launch his own beer with help of famed Danish brewery Mikkeller.

The as yet-to-be named beer is going to be a “fruity pilsner,” says Astley. “Mikkeller beer is quite experimental and they’ve been sending me various bottles to sample,” he said, according to The Mirror. “Some are quite fruity – one was a pear beer they make for a restaurant, but we’ve gone for a pilsner type lager.”

The beer has a good chance at achieving cult status, considering that the singer’s fame has actually grown since 2007, when he became an integral part of the internet’s favorite prank. If you’ve never been “rickrolled” then you likely haven’t spent much time online. For those still blissfully free of its catchy clutches, rickrolling is the act of getting someone to click on a link that appears to be taking them to something that interest them, but instead takes them to a video “Never Gonna Give You Up.” As a result, the song has 78 million views on YouTube.

Astley has said in interviews that he doesn’t mind being known from “Rickrolling” and has even been “Rickrolled” himself. Who could blame him? It’s a pretty catchy tune. After a few of his soon-to-be-released beers we’re sure a lot of people will be drunkenly belting it out at karaoke nights all over the world. As for the name of the beer, it’s kind of a no-brainer.