Go On A Boozy Odyssey With The Best Bar Crawls In America


Gathering up your best friends and working your way through a series of bars is one of the best ways imaginable to spend a summer evening out. You get great company, you have the chance to sample drinks from a variety of creative minds, and there’s an air of spontaneity and seeing where the night takes you that’s truly intoxicating. Three wins.

Oh, and also the intoxicants are intoxicating. Meaning you get drunk. Which can be pretty damn fun with the right crew.

When deciding to take a crawl, there are two important questions to ask yourself: 1) Is my destination highly walkable? and 2) Is the neighborhood dense with pubs and bars? Some maniacs will insist that ride-sharing services have made the first question irrelevant. They’re wrong. It’s always better to walk a few blocks in the night air than it is to wait 20 minutes for a dude in a Toyota Corolla to pick up your wasted posse. This is supposed to be an odyssey, after all.

The list below features some stone-cold classics, a few up and comers, and a curveball or two. Each crawl highlights an awesome neighborhood — where you and your friends easily keep yourselves entertained without having to trudge ten miles to do so. If you really crave the cardio, you can always walk home.

Williamsburg — New York, New York

We know Williamsburg has come to be associated mostly with the hipsters who moved in and spurred the gentrification of this neighborhood, so you’re more than welcome to balk at our suggestion on the grounds of fixed-wheel bike and beard fatigue. But the tiny tattooed, placebo lens bespectacled residents have launched some great bars and breweries in a very compact area and you can get to them with a quick L train jaunt to Bedford, making this a great place to get very drunk.

For sure hit George & Jack’s Tap Room, a little pub that has local dive vibe — don’t miss the chance to play some indie music or punk on the jukebox. Hit Gutter Bar to continue the grungy feeling with a side of bowling in one of the eight vintage hardwood lanes. And be sure to stop into The Gibson, where 100 styles of whiskey grace the menu and fine craft beers are always in rotation. If you’re willing to walk a little out of the way, Barcade is definitely worth a visit. This bar/arcade combo gives you a chance to enjoy shots and games like Joust and Centipede together, a trend which the team here takes credit for starting. There are so many other bars dotted between the few mentioned above that listing them would spoil the adventure, feel free to pop into whichever strikes your fancy. Brooklyn Brewery and Dardy Bar are particularly fun, but the likelihood of going wrong here is slim.

If you spend the night in Williamsburg, know this: hipsters may be annoying, but they’re f*cking fantastic at making superb coffee and hangover killing brunches.

French Quarter — New Orleans, Louisiana