Live High At The Best Rooftop Bars In The Country For Summer ’19

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Few things make the summer heat feel bearable in the way that icy cold cocktails can. Well, maybe icy cold beers. So it makes perfect sense that we spend these sweltering months seeking out cool places to enjoy said beverages. Dark dive bars with air conditioning will do. So will breezy poolside cabanas. But to really maximize the joy of a well-made craft cocktail, quaff that sh*t outside. And if you want to take that to the next level, be outside on a rooftop high above an awesome skyline.

Cocktails, outdoors, high above it all in a stylish venue. That’s the summer drinking trifecta, right there.

If you happen to have your own penthouse terrace, you already have everything figured out and you don’t need any advice from us. But if you (like most people) have to find a rooftop bar in order to down some margs while you take selfies with the horizon in the background, then this list of the ten best rooftop bars in the nation is exactly what you need. With options from coast to coast, you should either find a venue near enough to hit up or be inspired to seek out one of your choosing.

Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge (New York City, New York)

All the high rises in New York City make for a lot of rooftop bars, but Magic Hour is the city’s biggest indoor/outdoor hotel rooftop bar and lounge operating in all seasons. That’s a mouthful. Which is fitting because the space is a massive 10,000-square-feet. In fact, the venue prefers to label itself an “urban amusement park” — a theme reflected in the rotating carousel seating and the naughty miniature golf course called Foreplay filled with animal statues in rather adult poses. This bar, atop the Moxy Times Square hotel, also delivers on views of midtown and the Empire State Building, so don’t worry that you’ll get denied your sky-high views.

The playful mood is also reflected in the food and drink options. There is a margarita gummy bear, a popcorn and cocktail pairing, some all-natural alcohol infused push pops, and literal IV bags filled with booze. And, if you get plastered, there are 100-square-foot rooms that go for $99.00 a night and are only available after 11 pm.

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