A Beer Lover’s Guide To The Best Beer Bars And Breweries In Portland, Oregon

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09.20.18 8 Comments


There are few cities in America more synonymous with craft beer than Portland, Oregon. The City of Roses has well over 70 breweries alone. Add in the wide array of beer bars, dive bars, restaurants, and hidden gems and you have yourself a veritable beer mecca.

We’re not going to lie, it’s super easy to find good beer in Portland — you just have to take a stroll. So, in choosing these ten locations, we decided to look more at where to start your beer journey than where to end it. The ten tips of the iceberg, as it were; a very broad brushstroke of the PDX beer scene.

If you’re in Portland and love beer, then the below is the perfect primer to get your journey jumpstarted. The rest is gonna have to be on you.

Occidental Brewing Company

All Portland beer journies are going to include Occidental Brewing. The seven-year-old brewery focuses in on German-style beers and hits them out of the park. Five years ago, they opened up their “Wursthaus” to serve up great local sausages and they haven’t looked back.

The tap room and brewery have a killer view of the St. Johns Bridge, providing a pure Portland view while you sip on a fine beer. If you can sit outside in the fresh Oregon air, you may well get stuck. The beer truly shines and their Festbeir is the perfect entry point with Oktoberfest upon us. Crafty German beer, iconic Portland views, and tasty sausages make this a lock for any Portland beer crawl.

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