The Best Beer To Pair With Every Stage Of Your Thanksgiving Meal

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Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy some serious beer. With all those earthy flavors on display, you can totally turn the holiday into a full-blown Beersgiving, if you want. While wine is a pretty standard accompaniment for any big meal, beer is ready to stand in for any wine pairing at your T-day table.

Let’s skip the preamble and just dive in. The below beers are paired according to the time of day and course you’ll be eating. These are the beers sure to elevate any plate of food or event you’re planning for Thanksgiving.


Every good party starts with a welcome drink. Them’s the rules, yo. Traditionally, you’d offer your guests a glass of Champagne or local sparkling wine. The fizz embraces and welcomes your guests into your home with a nice heady buzz.

Our recommendation is to swap out the bubbly for bourbon barrel-aged Belgian Tripel. Curieux from Allgash is mellowed ale with an effervescence that’s light, heady, and easy to sip. There’s a clear richness here that leans into hints of earthy coconut and whispers of bourbon vanilla. This one comes in .75l bottles as well, giving you a very Champagne feel — a great way to start the day.

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