Our Picks For The Single Best Beer In Every Western State

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06.23.17 5 Comments


What’s the single best beer brewed in your state? You just get one pick. No ties, no second place, no “also ran.”

Tough, right? Sure to cause a flame war in the comments? Well let’s get ready to throw down, because this week we’re going through every region of the country and picking the very best beer in each state. These are the beers worth traveling for, the beers that demand your love, the very cream of the crop.

We looked for the tastiest, the hoppiest, the maltiest — the single most iconic brew in each of the 50 states. These are the best beers from the Western Region. Cheers!


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Anchorage Brewing A Deal with the Devil – batch 1

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Alaska is a massive state that needs a massive beer repping it so we’re going with a great barleywine.

Anchorage Brewing Company’s A Deal With The Devil clocks in at a hefty 17.3 percent ABV. This sipping beer is a malty, caramel delight that’s aged for eleven months in a Cognac barrels. That aging adds an oaky and vine fruit dimension to an unarguably powerful beer.

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