High Energy Cannabis Strains To Help You Welcome Spring


Finally, the oppressive cold and darkness of winter are starting to lift. Spring is here. Flowers are in bloom. That means it’s time to get back outside and do things like plant a garden, take a hike, go on a road trip, enjoy a cold beer on a patio, and take in some spring training. Or stay home and watch March Madness. You have options.

To be honest, spring is pretty fantastic as is. But given the opportunity to enhance it with cannabis, why wouldn’t you? Given that aim, we’ve gathered a list of strains that are all sativa leaning — meaning they’re great for energizing users and elevating their moods. In addition, they’re all strains whose flavor profiles feature fruit flavors. Consider that our silly nod to the fecundity of spring.

Check out our picks and hop into the comments to tell us about your favorite strains. We love to talk weed.

Peaches and Cream

This 80-percent sativa-leaning hybrid comes via Big Buddha Seeds, the people who created popular strains like Blue Cheese and Buddha Haze. Unlike other sativas, this strain has a slow onset — you could be waiting five to 10 minutes after using it before it kicks in, so beware overdoing it. Once it hits, expect some cognitive changes, like an increase in free association. Suddenly, things you never gave a second thought will absorb you. It’s pretty great for creative endeavors thanks to the mental activity happening. But it can also be great for more mundane things like packing up sweaters and giving your house a good cleaning. For some people, Peaches and Cream amplifies their internal monologue, so consider using it to write some poetry or do some journaling.

This strain does have a peach aroma when cured properly, and there are also some flowery and sweet notes that accompany it. The flavor is sweet and fruity, if not specifically peachy, with subtle spice notes and a bit of vanilla on the exhale. The smoke is super palatable and smooth, as well.

Strawberry Lemonade

A cross of the famous Strawberry Cough and Lemon OG, this strain has developed quite a following thanks to its head buzz that dissolves into physical relaxation. In 2016, the High Times Cannabis Cup named it best sativa flower, and its an honor well-earned. This one delivers a buzzy energy that’s perfect for people looking to stimulate their thinking or get off their asses and go exploring. It’s particularly interesting because many users find themselves experiencing intense thought patterns that make previously overlooked or disinteresting concepts super fascinating. If you abandoned a winter project because you lost interest, this strain could get you back on track for spring.

This bud literally gives off a strawberry scent with subtle tangy citrus notes underneath. The smoke, however, is pure berries. It’s not necessarily strawberry but definitely sweet and berrylicious. For people who aren’t fans of smoking, this strain is a good option because it’s famously smooth and easy to handle.

Sugar Plum