High Energy Cannabis Strains To Help You Welcome Spring


Finally, the oppressive cold and darkness of winter are starting to lift. Spring is here. Flowers are in bloom. That means it’s time to get back outside and do things like plant a garden, take a hike, go on a road trip, enjoy a cold beer on a patio, and take in some spring training. Or stay home and watch March Madness. You have options.

To be honest, spring is pretty fantastic as is. But given the opportunity to enhance it with cannabis, why wouldn’t you? Given that aim, we’ve gathered a list of strains that are all sativa leaning — meaning they’re great for energizing users and elevating their moods. In addition, they’re all strains whose flavor profiles feature fruit flavors. Consider that our silly nod to the fecundity of spring.

Check out our picks and hop into the comments to tell us about your favorite strains. We love to talk weed.

Peaches and Cream

This 80-percent sativa-leaning hybrid comes via Big Buddha Seeds, the people who created popular strains like Blue Cheese and Buddha Haze. Unlike other sativas, this strain has a slow onset — you could be waiting five to 10 minutes after using it before it kicks in, so beware overdoing it. Once it hits, expect some cognitive changes, like an increase in free association. Suddenly, things you never gave a second thought will absorb you. It’s pretty great for creative endeavors thanks to the mental activity happening. But it can also be great for more mundane things like packing up sweaters and giving your house a good cleaning. For some people, Peaches and Cream amplifies their internal monologue, so consider using it to write some poetry or do some journaling.

This strain does have a peach aroma when cured properly, and there are also some flowery and sweet notes that accompany it. The flavor is sweet and fruity, if not specifically peachy, with subtle spice notes and a bit of vanilla on the exhale. The smoke is super palatable and smooth, as well.

Strawberry Lemonade

A cross of the famous Strawberry Cough and Lemon OG, this strain has developed quite a following thanks to its head buzz that dissolves into physical relaxation. In 2016, the High Times Cannabis Cup named it best sativa flower, and its an honor well-earned. This one delivers a buzzy energy that’s perfect for people looking to stimulate their thinking or get off their asses and go exploring. It’s particularly interesting because many users find themselves experiencing intense thought patterns that make previously overlooked or disinteresting concepts super fascinating. If you abandoned a winter project because you lost interest, this strain could get you back on track for spring.

This bud literally gives off a strawberry scent with subtle tangy citrus notes underneath. The smoke, however, is pure berries. It’s not necessarily strawberry but definitely sweet and berrylicious. For people who aren’t fans of smoking, this strain is a good option because it’s famously smooth and easy to handle.

Sugar Plum

Though the name of this sativa-dominant hybrid is more evocative of winter wonderlands than spring flings, it’s nonetheless ideal for people looking to get through some spring cleaning or enhance a hike with friends. It’s an active high marked by an increase in quick cerebral thinking. For some people, this manifests in trippy free-associative thoughts, but others can remain intensely focused. The high energy strain is ideal for people looking to maximize their productivity, which is great now that the sun is coming back, and the weather is growing warmer.

The name of this strain is accurate as the flower has a definite aroma of fresh plums, though once ground and smoked, the flavors are more herbal and spicy. It’s a cross between Hawaiian Haze Plum and Berkeley Blues, and it is very similar in taste to the Haze. In addition to the earthy and berry flavors, expect a little sour citrus as well.

Pineapple Thai

This is a pure sativa strain that comes from a variety native to Thailand, and it’s remarkable for its CBD content, which can be as high as 24-percent. The CBD will induce relaxation as it eases muscle tension and soothes the mind, but Pineapple Thai isn’t gonna leave anyone couch-locked — it’s totally energizing. This strain is great for making otherwise boring activities like packing up all your winter gear a lot more fun, and it’s perfect for being active. Use it before a jog in the sun or a hike in the woods. One of this strain’s fun aspects is its impact on a user’s thinking. Expect to cycle through thoughts really quickly, in a fun/ elevated way.

Does it taste like pineapple? Yep. When you smell this flower, you’re gonna get pineapple and citrus with some other tropical notes. And when you grind it and smoke it, you’re gonna taste the pineapple plus a little bit of a peppery aftertaste.

Note: If you plan on using it in public, people are going to know — the smoke is pungent. So be cautious about that.

Lemon Thai

Another Thai strain, Lemon Thai comes from a Thai Sativa crossed with a Hawaiian strain that remains undisclosed. Because the origin is shrouded in mystery the ratio of indica to sativa remains a mystery too. But it can’t be too indica-heavy, because this is great for focusing your thoughts and finding inspiration, making it a big hit with creative types. It has a pretty stoney level of THC, which comes in around 20 percent on average, but don’t expect to be turned into a pile of mush by it. It’s perfect for making people energetic, incredibly focused, and super happy. Seriously, on the happy front, people who are plagued by worry and overthinking will benefit from its ability to relieve stress and depression, allowing users to really enjoy all that spring has to offer.

Both the scent and the taste are ripe with sour lemon and earthy mint. Although some people think it tastes a little like tea, too. It’s a total pleasure to smoke because of the pleasant taste. Heck, some users even get a little tingle on their tongue when they use it, and that’s always fun.

Mango Haze

Created by Mr. Nice Seeds, a Netherlands-based creator, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Northern Lights #5, Skunk, and Haze. It is this complex parentage that give it a gradual, creeping high that takes a bit before things get trippy. This dreamy, head high can change sensory perceptions, so it’s fun for unstructured creativity. It is also a nice strain for getting sexy, and is there a better way to celebrate spring? There is definitely an energizing effect with this one, so people looking to get out in nature or to overhaul their houses can benefit from some Mango Haze, too. Users who are thinking about smoking it and working on their taxes or some other analytical undertaking should think again.

The mango in this strain is more muted than some of the other fruit flavors featured in this list. Buds have a primary citrus scent with undertones of mango, as well as a skunky-sweet fragrance. Used in a pipe or joint, the smoke is sweet and a little hashy, but not terribly redolent of mango. It tends instead to be vaguely tropical tasting.

Grape Kush

A 60-percent sativa-leaning strain, Grape Kush is a super well-balanced hybrid that comes from a cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Romulan Grapefruit. For those users looking to get super baked, it’s worth noting that some samples of this strain have been known to have as much as 30 percent THC. This strain is exceptional because it delivers both an altered mindset and an intensely relaxing body high. The head high isn’t a cerebral one, so this isn’t the strain to use when you start writing a novel, instead it’s a sensory stimulant and a little trippy making it great for using when you watch strange films or listen to experimental albums. The soothing high also makes it a bad fit for being active, so skip the hike and hit up a film fest or take a blanket to the park and chill.

This strain smells very strongly of sour grapes with lingering notes of berries under that. When it’s burned, the smoke also has a dominant grape flavor that is both sweet and a little funky. It has a light smoke that is nice for users who balk at lighting up. Plus, the sweetness makes it palatable for most users.



A 70-percent sativa-leaning hybrid, Clementine is a strain that comes from a cross of Tangie (also on the list) and Lemon Skunk. It has the energizing effects associated with most sativas but doesn’t have the cerebral intensity. Instead, users get more in touch with their surroundings and become more observant. As the high fades, some people are inclined to engage in abstract thinking and creative endeavors. This makes it stellar for visiting a public garden or taking a scenic bike ride. It’s a standard wake and bake option for a reason; it makes the most run of the mill activities more enjoyable, and the day speeds by.

This strain may not taste specifically like clementines, but it does have a sweet citrus aroma and flavor. The taste is more lemon-scented Pledge than citrus fresh off the tree, but it’s not entirely unpleasant. The smoke is smooth, making it easy to use, but it is also pretty pungent, so avoid using it places where you can get caught and penalized.


In the 90s, a strain called Tangerine Dream was super popular, and Tangie is a bit of an homage. A cross between a Skunk strain and California Orange, this 70-percent sativa hybrid is often a winner at Cannabis Cups. The THC level is above average, so infrequent users should be careful about the amount they use, lest they become anxious or paranoid. This is an uplifting strain that makes users euphoric. Use it on a perfect spring day and find yourself feeling the happiest you have in recent memory. It’s also good for focus and creativity, so it can enhance things like undertaking a photography project in nature or writing an ode to the sun’s return.

Tangie is so tasty thanks to its citrus heritage. The Skunk part of its make up does add a bit of that smell and taste, but really the strongest flavor is sweet, sweet tangerine. If you really want to enjoy the taste, forget smoking it and vape. If you have a quality vaping set up that gives you pure flavor, this is a perfect strain.

Raspberry Cough

A cross of ICE and Cambodian Landrace, Raspberry Cough is a 70-percent sativa-dominant hybrid that hits users with an immediate cerebral high marked by mental clarity, concentration, and drive. Looking to get hyped about starting your garden or clearing away winter clutter, this strain is perfect. And because it’s so energizing, it can be great for a wake and bake, as well as continued use throughout the day. If increased productivity feels bound to make you grumpy, let go of that thought. Raspberry Cough banishes stress and elevates a user’s mood. Plus, it is relaxing without impairing your ability to function. If you want to shake off the winter doldrums with a burst of uplifting energy, this is the strain to do it.

Raspberry Cough may not taste specifically like raspberries, but it does both smell and taste of sweet berries with earthy, nutty notes underneath. When used, there is a bit of spice that rounds out the flavor, which is really quite pleasant. But the cough in the name is for real, as many users find themselves sputtering after smoking, so be careful.