Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For The Cannabis Enthusiast In Your Life

When I was growing up, my parents and all of their friends smoked pot. You know how some people smell Tollhouse cookies baking and are brought back to childhood? That’s how I feel about marijuana smoke (if that helps you understand the scale of their use). But, despite decades dedicated to cannabis use, their kit consisted of a tray and a tin can filled with rolling papers, Bic lighters, and alligator clips for roaches. That was a basic DIY marijuana set-up during a time when it was completely illegal.

Thankfully that era is over. We’re at the tail end of prohibition and innovation is booming. Part of why cannabis has gotten so much better comes from how paraphernalia has advanced. Although, the really strong bud is nice too, as is the increased sex that pot smokers have.

The gift guide below isn’t strictly limited to items that allow you to use cannabis. If you have someone on your gift list who is using marijuana — whether medicinally or just as a stress release — they have probably that figured that bit out, for the most part. Instead, these gifts enhance the experience. As the owner of many things on this list, I can guarantee you that my life is better for having them. They range in price and connection to cannabis, but they are all solidly useful (no weird decorative pot leaf apparel or decor in here).

Tasting Journal by Goldleaf Ltd.

As cannabis has become increasingly available, the opportunities to try different strains has boomed. You can really narrow the scope of what you are looking for and get the exact effect you seek through trial and error, but only if you actually remember what you like and don’t like.

You know what’s difficult when you smoke a lot of pot? Remembering.

A taster’s guide lets you track the flavors and the experience associated with the different products you try, and it helps you remember where they came from. With this journal, your gift recipient won’t end up — like me — remembering the salad days associated with some grower’s Gorilla Glue without being able to find it ever again. Because it was seriously so good, and I miss it more than most of my ex-boyfriends. If only I had a journal to help me.

Botanical Extractor Machine by Magical Butter

Buy this. Buy it for your friend. Buy it for family. Buy it for yourself. Previously complicated undertakings like cannabutter and tincture production have forever been changed by Magical Butter. You simply toss decarbed flower, butter, and lecithin into the machine; set it; and forget it. Sometimes, when I use mine, I pretend I am the after person in infomercial, and I boggle at the ease with which I can now produce marijuana coconut oil and bake it into treats. “It’s soooo easy.”

My lunacy aside, this little gem really is life changing (and simple!). To get the most out of it, look into the NOVA decarboxylator from Ardent. And, if the price of the Magical Butter scares you, it has a slightly less expensive competitor that also works well — although the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser doesn’t come with the silicone glove and strainer. Instead, it has a sieve and a hemp bag, and the process is less convenient. Still, it works well enough, straining aside.