Your Weed Habit Has A Very Hot Correlation With Your Sex Habit

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“High sex is the best sex.”

DJ Luke Nasty said it, and now there’s a science behind it. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, regular weed smokers have 20 percent more sex than non-smokers.

Stanford University’s School of Medicine researchers looked at the Center for Disease Control’s National Survey of Family Growth study that asked people how many times they had heterosexual sex in the past month and compared it to how many times they had blazed one in the past year, and smokers came (chuckle) out on top (ba dum tsss).

Women who didn’t smoke only had sex 6.0 times the previous month in comparison to their smoking counterparts who did the nasty 7.1 times, and male smokers had sex 6.9 times as opposed to 5.6 times. Even though the sample size was 50,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 45, researchers say the increase in intercourse is not necessarily a result of smoking. It sure seems like the correlation is there, though, as it was the only one that held true, regardless of the participants’ use of other drugs like cocaine and alcohol.

Around 22 million people (admit they) smoke marijuana, and with the increase in baby-making that sparking a fatty apparently causes, that number is likely to increase in the next generations, if not just due to the sheer population increase.

Move out of the way, Viagra, there’s a new love potion in town.

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