Cannabis Strains To Help You Make The Most Of The Outdoors This Summer

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Provided things don’t get “heat stroke level” hot, most people treat an increase in sunlight as an invitation to get outside. It’s the season to soak in the vitamin D and show a little skin. Time to buy a tube or hit the local lake, venturing into the wild to wash away your stress.

Whether in the river or on a hike, weed can help this chilling process greatly… if you pick the right strains. If you don’t, you’ll end up yawning when you ought to have energy and paranoid when you’re keen to feel social. To help you get high on life while getting literally high, we gathered a list of strains that all help enhance outdoor activities in one way or another. Some are relaxing indicas that let you laugh through a backyard barbeque, others are sativas that get you up and trekking along the coast at daybreak, and a few are hybrids that do a little of both.

We invite you to see which strains are available (legally) near you and to work them into your summertime routine.

Willie Nelson

Legend says country singer Willie Nelson tried this pure sativa strain once and immediately bought the totality of the first crop. It makes sense if that’s true that the strain is named for him. Heck, it makes sense even if that never happened — because we all know the man smokes a tremendous amount of weed.

This strain is good for focus, creativity, and energy — meaning it’s perfect for wake and bakes and use throughout the day. Although, it may keep you up if you use it too close to bedtime. Users will not only feel less stress, anxiety, and depression when using it, a euphoric happiness will soon set in. This first-place winner for Best Sativa in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2005 has a fragrance that is both sweet and sour and a lemongrass taste. It’s super pleasant.

Wille Nelson is good for getting outside with a task that takes imagination and feels better with friends. Maybe that means an outdoor photoshoot, a writer’s circle in the woods, some campfire storytelling, or time spent staring at the night sky and identifying constellations.

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