The Best Cheap Bottles Of Alcohol


The best cheap bottle of alcohol is hard to define. It really depends on a mix of price, taste, and accessibility. Which of these factors is the most important? We’ll cast a vote for accessibility, followed by price and taste in either order. We could tell you about an amazing small-batch whiskey being made in Germany but if you’re in Salt Lake City, it doesn’t really mean a whole lot.

Today we’re taking a look at accessible bottles of booze that clock in under $30 per bottle and still taste extraordinary. There are literally hundreds of options that fit those parameters when you group brandy, tequila, vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey together. Even winnowing it to 30 becomes a daunting prospect. Still, we have to try.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 bottles of booze that you can buy pretty much anywhere. The key here to remember is that these are not the best of their class. They’re the best easy-to-find bottles at this specific price point. Are there regional distilleries making better booze at the same price tag? Could be. But don’t fault us for wanting to shout out the bottles you can buy right now at your nearest liquor store.