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The are so many good reasons to travel but, at the end of the day, don’t we all just want to have a good time? Maybe eat something new? Throw back some drinks and chat to someone we’ve never met? Post a few #Wanderlust photos on our Insta feeds? These all seem like pretty basic, universal desires.

The crew at Hostel World often polls travelers, tourists, and locals alike to find out how we can all travel better and they recently discovered that social activity and social attitudes are a major factor in how we make choices on the road. More specifically, “Fun, Tolerance, Openness, and Trust.” The survey covered 39 cities across 26 countries and culled information from 12,188 interviews. Things like “history and accessibility” were very high on people’s lists, as were the chance to socialize, use social media, and party. That last one shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

Here are the ten cities that offer the highest levels of awareness and connectivity — while still being able to turn up like nobody’s business. We’ve added a great hostel in each city so that you can save money on accommodation without breaking the bank.



Gothenburg topped the list of socially minded cities. The study cited the city’s social media use, face-to-face socializing, tolerance, openness, trust, and love of partying as what set it above the rest. Gothenburg ticked all the boxes that make this a city to meet new friends, get a little tipsy, and have fun.

Backpackers Goteborg has a very Scandinavian aesthetic. The hostel offers a all the amenities you’ll need as a base of operations for going out to explore. Dorms beds start at $22 a night.

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2. Stockholm (Sweden)


Stockholm ranked only slightly lower than Gothenburg. Expect locals who are tolerant, social media savvy, and always know where to party.

Generator’s Stockholm installation is a designer hostel with a chic northern European style. The bars, lounges, cafe, and rooms are all designed with comfort, style, and social media in mind. Dorm beds start at $25 a night.

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