The Best Comedy Podcasts On Earth That You Should Be Listening To

best comedy podcasts
David Pemberton

Last Updated: July 3rd

Comedy podcasts are essential listening for commuting, working out, doing the dishes, or long, solo road trips when you need to hear someone incessantly spouting out humor and witty insight.

Here are 42 of the best comedy podcasts right now. We’re serious about these being funny — and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Fox Mulder Is A Maniac

Tom Reimann and David Bell of the podcast and gaming network Gamefully Unemployed churn out some of the best and funniest pop cultural podcasts out there. The former employees have a deep well of great, young L.A. comedians cycle into their shows to talk movies, TV, comics, and games every single week. One of their best — and maybe weirdest — shows is their newly minted Fox Mulder is a Maniac.

If you’re even tangentially aware of the hit 90s FOX sci-fi procedural, The X-Files, this show is essential listening. Reimann and Bell take a look back at Fox Mulder’s shenanigans and more insane acts of, well, insanity with fresh 2019 eyes. The results are comedy gold and often disturbing in retrospect. Though most episodes are behind a Patreon wall, several are free on Gamefully Unemployed podcast accounts for Story Mode.

Suggested Listening: Fox Mulder Is A Maniac – S01E01 – “Pilot”

Best Friends

Friends Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata started a comedy podcast about being friends, talking to friends, and talking shit about friends. The heart of Best Friends is about friends being there for each other with real support. It’s also incredibly funny.

Byer and Zamata are pros when it comes to comedy and they rarely hold back from cutting to the bone of an issue and giving their best advice. Life, death, sex, food, and the brilliance and mundanity of all of that is on the table. It’s refreshing, hilarious, and well worth a listen.

Suggested Listening: Sasheer Explains The Brave Little Toaster

Ask Iliza Anything

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger has built her stand up career around being acutely aware of what it takes to date, live, and love in the 21st century. Now, the Last Comic Standing winner is taking her advice to the world of podcasting with Ask Iliza Anything.

Shlesinger takes on any subject and blasts it through her comedic lens with special guests. The best part is that this is an interactive format where you can actually ask Shlesinger personal advice questions and she and her guests will do their best to answer those queries with plenty of cutting jokes in between.

Suggested Listening: Milk with Dinner

Mean Boys

Mean Boys finds hosts Keith Carey, Connor McSpadden, and Tom Goss spitting jokes at a breakneck pace. All three comedians are part of the Roast Battle crew and never, ever hold anything back when jumping into a show.

It kind of doesn’t matter what’s being discussed — something personal or current in the news. The point of Mean Boys is to deliver jokes, make you laugh, make you cringe, and then make you laugh again. And it delivers.

Suggested Listening: Piss Jugs featuring Nicole Becannon

Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

Kevin Pollak has had a long, illustrious career in Hollywood from excellent turns in The Usual Suspects and A Few Good Men in the 90s to Moishe Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel this year. The actor is also a great conversationalist.

The premise of Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show is simple. Pollak sits down with a comedian, actor, director, or tech guru and chats about their life and work. It’s a raconteur hour of great story-telling through the lens of comedy.

Suggested Listening: Tony Shalhoub

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Conan O’Brien’s contribution to comedy is massive. If you simply look at his comedic writing credits (from SNL to The Simpsons), it’s already legendary. Then, of course, there are the decades O’Brien spent re-shaping the way we all watch late-night TV. Oh, and he’s also one of the best stand-ups out there. So, it’s about time O’Brien got a podcast.

The conceit of Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend is simple and a bit genius. O’Brien welcomes on guests for a 30-ish minute chat. The guests are all celebrities that have been on one of O’Brien’s late-night shows. There’s a bit of catching up and story-telling but the thrust of the show is whether O’Brien and his guest can or are friends even though the work in the same industry and are around each other professionally, seemingly, all the time. It’s a hilarious listen every damn time.

Suggested Listening: Adam Sandler

R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME?

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Adam Scott and Scott Auckerman, or Adam Scott Auckerman as they’re known on the ‘cast, are running through the R.E.M. discography in hilarious fashion. The duo can chat about the Athens, Georgia band for days on end and do. There’s a real reverence at play with R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME? that never feels fawning. It’s more, “Hey, we dig this music so let’s talk about it and find out cool shit about it.”

The podcast is, of course, more than just a loving look at the music of R.E.M. Scott and Auckerman banter about a broad array of pop culture topics from classic movies to Marvel to U2. Sometimes a guest drops in which always adds more hilarity to the show. Overall, this is super easy listen that’ll leave you laughing (and searching for bootleg R.E.M. albums).

Suggested Listening: Episode 53. R.E.M. at the BBC


Bert Kreischer is killing the game right now. He’s on a world tour, has a cooking show (Something’s Burning) on Bill Burr’s YouTube comedy network, and runs one of the most hilarious podcasts in the meantime. He’s a machine in the comedy world.

Bertcast is a great listen. Each episode finds Kreischer sitting down with a fellow comedian to shot-the-shit for about two hours. It’s goddamn hilarious and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud while you’re on your run or in your car. Kreischer also does smaller episodes called ‘Open Tabs’ where he riffles through all the open tabs on his computer from the night before. It’s always a delight.

Suggested Listening: Brian Regan & ME

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast

Gilbert Gottfried is a comedy legend. Along with comedy writer Frank Santopadre, the Amazing Colossal Podcast is a hilarious listen that offers in a glimpse behind the scenes of the whole show business world.

Gottfried’s legendary status helps land some of the most impressive guests on any podcast. It’s more than just cool people who know Hollywood better than anyone else. There’s a real love from Gottfried, Santopadre, and their guests for the workings and history of the business and the product it produces. Listening to Dick Cavett tell yarns about John Lennon and Truman Capote or Weird Al talk about Prince is a delight (and that’s just scratching the surface). This show really has it all.

Suggested Listening: Patton Oswalt

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

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It’s an advice show for the modern era, hosted by three brothers who rarely give real advice. In fact, each episode opens with the warning that “their advice should never be followed.” That’s because Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy aren’t professional therapists or counselors or even consultants. They’re just three brothers who love to laugh.

And that’s exactly what makes My Brother, My Brother, and Me such an engaging, instantly inclusive podcast. The brothers spend each episode going through a mix of questions from their audience alongside questions from Yahoo! Answers and — more often than not — devolve into riffing off one another. It’s great, it’s genuine, it’s that ineffable quality that only brothers can share.

All joking aside, if you listen to MBMBaM close enough, you might actually hear some genuine, solid advice.

Suggested listening: Episode 265 The Ballad of Tit Liquid

Unpops Network

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Adam Tod Brown and the Unpops crew drop about ten fresh episodes of comedy gold per week. What makes this podcast network special is Brown’s knack for pulling in young and hip comedians from the L.A. scene to host unique shows.

One of the many highlights includes Brown hosting a Conspiracy-centric show wherein he and comedians parse the craziest (and likeliest) conspiracy theories. On the opposite end of the spectrum, comedians Anna Valenzuela, Vanessa Gritton, and Cindy Aravena gather every week to discuss the world through their young, Hispanic lens and all the trivialities and hilarities that are part of their community. Then, there’s a great bad movie show, a Nirvana show (which became a Limp Bizkit show, which became a Korn show), List-Casts ranking your favorite things, and so much more every single week.

Suggested Listening: Prohibition Wasn’t That Bad (w/Michael Swaim, Alex Schmidt, Anna Valenzuela)

2 Dope Queens

David Pemberton

This was, without a doubt, the best new podcast of 2016. Hosts Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams invite their favorite comedians to talk about everything from sex to New York to race relations. The conversations are always young, always energetic, and really damn funny.

Like several of the podcasts on this list, 2 Dope Queens radiates with a rare kind of authentic charm. The conversations that Robinson and Williams have with their guests are more intimate and they explode into long-form laughter that’s genuine and spontaneous. One of the best parts about listening to this podcast is that it introduces you to new and exciting comedians like Naomi Ekperigin and Michelle Buteau. If you love comedy, if you love to laugh, if you want to stay in the know, then 2 Dope Queens is for you.

Suggested listening: Episode 04 How To Channel Your Inner White Lady

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan’s podcast is one of the most popular in the world. Sometimes this is a dead serious podcast that touches on huge ideas, science, and societal debates. Sometimes it’s a podcast where the biggest names in comedy gather to talk the industry and/or just spend three hours doing their comedy thing.

It’s truly one of the best places to get to know any of the major names in comedy a little bit better.

Suggested Listening: Episode 1,092 with Mary Lynn Rajskub


David Pemberton

It’s really hard to describe what Harmontown is. It’s a part interview, part stand-up, part improv, part Dungeons & Dragons, and — more often than not — part therapy. Originally created by Dan Harmon and Jeff B. Davis as an attempt to repair the flaws of society and create a “utopia” where everyone could feel safe and accepted, the podcast has since grown into a weekly variety act that focuses on movies, social issues, current news, random ideas, politics, and (if we’re being honest) anything else that Dan Harmon wants to talk about.

Sure, it might sound disjointed and, in many ways it is, but in the end, that’s what makes Harmontown so enjoyable. In the early days of the podcast, the live audience was invited to a bar after every episode with Dan, Jeff, and the guests involved, to hang out and have a few drinks together. It created a real community, and that sensibility is alive and well in the episodes being recorded today. Not only is it really, really funny, it’s also a podcast that has a lot of heart. And, of course, Dan Harmon is absolutely nuts in all the best ways.

Suggested listening: Episode 112 Popeye Is Our Lord and Savior

Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang has become the gold standard of great comedy pod. Every week stand up comedians, comedic writers, and comedy actors take to the couch for candid interviews that often turn into examinations of the world comedy in general through the guest’s POV and characterizations.

It’s a fascinating and hilarious take on the industries around comedy and the people who populate that world.

Suggested Listening: Episode 540 with Jon Hamm, Paul F. Tompkins, Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino

The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project

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If you’re unfamiliar, Andy Daly is easily one of the funniest persons to ever have lived in the history of anything. His wit is as understated as it is outrageous, often verging on the absurd while under the guise of normality. He is, essentially, a hilarious Albert Camus dressed like a Midwest librarian.

But Andy Daly is smart about being weird, and that’s why The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project works. It’s built upon the idea that Andy Daly is sifting through the best podcast pilots that have been sent to Earwolf studios, playing his favorites every episode. The pilots are fake, of course, and often made by Andy Daly playing one of his many improv-based characters. It’s an amazing concept and one that lets some of the world’s most talented comedians tackle long-form improv. It’s the perfect antidote for a boring commute, or an extended road trip, or a lazy afternoon in bed.

Suggested listening: Episode 001 The Wit and Wisdom of the West with Dalton Wilcox

Yo, Is This Racist?

The conceit here is simple: Hosts Andrew Ti and Tawny Newsome answer emails and voicemails on whether something is racist. Every week the duo welcomes guests (usually comedians) to parse the world we live in and all the metaphoric speed bumps, roadblocks, and death traps of the modern world by examining how we deal with race as a society. Enlightenment and hilarity ensue.

Suggested Listening: Episode 966 “Whiting Wongs, Gremlins, Big Trouble in Little China” with Dan Harmon

The Adventure Zone

David Pemberton

This is possibly the best podcast about Dungeons & Dragons that has ever existed, not because it’s exciting (which it is), and not because it’s informative (which it is), but because it’s uproariously and undeniably funny. The idea is simple: Three brothers play Dungeons & Dragons with their dad. If that format sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because it’s the same three brothers from My Brother, My Brother, and Me, only this time they’re joined by their father, Clint McElroy.

Like all great podcasts, The Adventure Zone gets better and better with each episode. The comfortability that the players have with the rules and their own characters is neatly partnered with an uptick in production value as Griffin, the current Dungeon Master, adds custom soundtracks to each episode along with sound effects and electronically modded voices. It’s hard to tell what makes this podcast more addictive, is it the comedy (which is pitch perfect) or is it the story (which is legitimately exciting)? The answer is, as you might expect, both.

Suggested listening: Episode 001 Here There Be Gerblins

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris is one of the great comedic actors working today. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that her Unqualified pseudo-advice podcast is a great and often hilarious listen that’s legitimately insightful.

Each week or so Faris welcomes a celebrity to her couch to talk about the industry, how weird it is living in said industry, and the ticks that seem to become universal once you’re in it — then they call up someone with a problem and try to solve it. It’s funny, poignant, and useful all at the same time.

Suggested Listening: Episode 114 with Macaulay Culkin

How Did This Get Made?

David Pemberton

Making fun of terrible movies is one of comedy’s oldest pastimes. It’s something that we all do, but Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas elevate comical deconstruction of awesomely bad movies to an artistic level with each episode of How Did This Get Made?

Yes, the hosts are comedians and, yes, they are all active participants in the film industry, but what makes their commentary so engaging isn’t their expertise or their humor, it’s their genuine fandom. You can tell that they actually love watching bad movies, and not in an ironic context. It’s this authenticity that makes the insights more insightful, the conversations more conversational, and the humor more hilarious.

Suggested listening: Episode 48 Sleepaway Camp

Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler

Hannibal Buress is killing the comedy game right now. He’s a lauded stand up, has a great acting career, and is throwing down some great pod work nearly every week with some of the biggest names in the comedy world. Handsome Rambler does indeed ramble a bit with every guest Buress invites on and that’s the charm.

Guests chat about what’s drawing their attention, throw down bits, and open up about life. It’s always a great listen.

Suggested Listening: The Neal Brennan Episode

Your Mom’s House

Comedians Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are having a great year. Each of them has hilarious new Netflix stand up specials. Plus, they have one of the funniest podcasts streaming.

The husband and wife duo take to their home studio to talk about current events, life in comedy, and dance of the lines of absurdity with fascinating guests from every walk of life. This comedy isn’t for the faint of heart but offers a seriously hilarious take on life and all the bullsh*t we put up with every day.

Suggested Listening: Dane Cook & Ryan Stout

You Made It Weird

David Pemberton

It’s one of the only straightforward, no gimmick interview shows to make it on this list. There are a lot of “comedians interviewing comedians” podcasts out there, and most of them are really great, but few of them are as legitimately hilarious as You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes.

His guests range from seasoned comedians to spiritualists to quantum physicist (basically, anyone that Holmes finds interesting) and, depending on the guests, some episodes are funnier than others. That said, the constant presence of Holmes’ infectious laugh makes You Made It Weird the kind of podcast that will make you look like an insane person when you listen to it in public because, of course, you’ll be laughing out loud to something that no one else can hear. A signature episode features an interview with Keegan-Michael Key. The two comedians have so much fun riffing off one another that — no joke — there’s a 30 second stretch of the episode that is nothing but laughter. And. It. Is. Fantastic.

Suggested listening: Episode 152 with Rob Bell

Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast

Bill Burr is slowly becoming a comedy legend. The Boston, no-nonsense comic takes to the airwaves every Monday morning to ramble about life, fatherhood, current events, sports, and all craziness of the world for about an hour or so. If you dig Burr’s brash and intelligent comedy, you’ll love his off-the-cuff ravings every Monday. It’s a great kickstart to your week.

Suggested Listening: Monday Morning Podcast 5/21/18, “Bill rambles about Artisan ice cream, expansion franchises, and the Royal Wedding.”

Uhh, Yeah Dude

David Pemberton

It’s America through the eyes of two American-Americans, and one of the Internet’s oldest and most beloved podcasts, with more than 500 episodes available online. Hosts Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette spend each episode meandering through current events, offering their unique opinions (and jokes) about what’s going on in the world.

One of the most amazing things about this podcast is that it’s been going since 2006. Even Marc Maron, host of the famous WTF podcast (which didn’t make it on this list because it is, sometimes, a very depressing podcast) once called Seth and Jonathan podcast pioneers, and it’s a title that fits. Their show helped define the format, and their casual, conversational comedy has influenced dozens of podcasts in the past decade. It’s just two dudes shooting the shit and therein lies the show’s subtle genius.

Suggested listening: The most recent episode (Seth and Jonathan are the most fun to listen to when they’re talking about current events).

The Dollop

Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds tackle American history with a heavy dose of comedic edge. Their famous and hilarious podcast is a great way to parse some of the more curious and hilarious corners of our shared past.

It’s learning through laughter, if you will, that’s not afraid to go dark or absurd in its examination of America and Americans.

Suggested Listening: Episode 300 A & B, The Life of Donald Trump

The Worst Idea of All Time

David Pemberton

Conceptually speaking, The Worst Idea of All Time is the funniest podcast on this list. The basic idea is that the two hosts — Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt — meet once a week to watch and review a movie. The catch is that it’s the same movie, every week, for one year at a time. The first year they reviewed Grown Ups 2 (that’s every week for 52 straight weeks), the second year they reviewed Sex and the City 2 (again, that’s every week for 52 straight weeks), and this year they’re reviewing We Are Your Friends.

Masochists? Maybe. Comedic visionaries? Definitely.

Unlike the other podcasts on this list, The Worst Idea of All Time features episodes that are a tight, hassle-free 30 minutes in length. After all, you wouldn’t want to listen to them talk about the same movie, week after week, for any longer than that.

Suggested Listening: Episode 11 Gold Star

Never Not Funny

Comedian Jimmy Pardo and producer Matt Belknap host a show that’s, well, never not funny. Each week they welcome a famous comedic guest to chat about whatever pops into mind.

It’s a free-wheeling discussion that’s often insightful and always hilarious. If you’re a fan of comedy in all its iterations, then this podcast will be a great addition to your queue.

Suggested Listening: Episode 2214 with Andy Daly

Judge John Hodgman

Comedian John Hodgman devised a brilliant conceit for a podcast. Instead of sitting around talking about self-help or fielding calls a la some 2018 version of Love Line, Hodgman and crew stage a mock courtroom where people can state their (often absurd) cases and Hodgman can pass judgment with a little help from Bailiff Jesse Thorn. It’s Judge Judy filtered through Hodgman’s absurdist comedic style.

Overall, Judge John Hodgman is pure entertainment. It feels a lot like trashy afternoon TV that just happens to be in podcast form — and that’s kinda cool. Dive into the show and get ready for insanely specific arguments over everything from wallpaper color to Christmas card poses. It’s an escapist blast.

Suggested listening: The Whistle Throne

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus

Comedian Lauren Lapkus flips the script on the usual talk show format by making herself the guest on each episode of this hilarious podcast. This podcast is just fun to listen to all around. Guests arrive to do impressions and tell ridiculous stories and it’ll always leave a smile on your face.

The show sometimes starts with plenty of banter with Lapkus with her comedic friends then segues into sketches, interviews, and storytelling. It’s a bit of the best of all worlds in one hour-long podcast. Overall, this is a great way to spend an hour laughing.

Suggested listening: Conan O’Brien: Wild Horses Live at Largo

Kill Tony

Brian Redband’s KILL TONY (part of is a modern variety show by way of the famed Comedy Store in podcast form. Redband welcomes an array of guests on stage to riff, do skits, stand up, sing, and perform crazy acts. Comedians interview comedians. They’ll even bring up people from the Comedy Store audience for a chat. It’s a wild ride.

This podcast works great as a long listen when you’ve got some mindless work to get done. It also shines as a watch-along-show since it is staged live at the Comedy Store. So you’re kinda getting two shows for the price of one here.

Suggested listening: KT #261 Natasha Leggero, Moshe Kasher

Put Your Hands Together with Cam and Rhea

Comedians Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher take to the Upright Citizen’s Brigade stage in Los Angeles to bring a hilarious storytelling/interview based podcast with some of the brightest and best comedians working today. The show feels interactive and live, which gives it a nice depth. Esposito and Butcher’s on-stage prowess and comedic insights with their long list of guests make this a fun and hilarious listen every single time.

Put Your Hands Together is a great podcast if you’re interested in getting to know your favorite comedians a little better and hearing a bit about what it’s like working a crowd and the business as well. Plus, there are great jokes to punctuate almost every thought.

Suggested listening: Jen Kirkman, Charlie Pickering, Tess Barker, Ramin Nazer

The Bugle

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The Bugle has a deeply impressive pedigree. Back in 2007 John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman started a little show to make fun of politics and other ridiculous things in the news and 4,000 episodes later Zaltzman carries the show’s torch via podcast and staged shows with Oliver dropping in from time to time (he’s a bit busy over at HBO).

The show is a rapid-fire comedic take on current events with comedian guests taking to the mic to riff hard on whatever’s happening any given week. Given that format, it’s a little harder to go back in the archives as news cycles pass so quickly these days. Still, this show is always a fun listen and delving back into the archives offers a sort of window into John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight persona and format.

Suggested listening: Whale of a Time

The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast

The UK’s Stuart Goldsmith loves breaking down comedy — what makes it work and what doesn’t work. His interview focused podcast brings on comedians, comic writers, comic actors, and comedic performers to discuss the craft in minute detail. It’s a fascinating look at how comedians get to the jokes and the paths they take.

This is very much an inside baseball sort of podcast that focuses more on the craft of comedy than making you laugh every 90 seconds. That being said, it’s a very informative and useful podcast for comedians and comedy writers who are looking for a little guidance in their work.

Suggested listening: Episode 245 Ron White (Live from SXSW)

No Such Thing As A Fish

Also over in the UK, the game quiz show QI is an institution. No Such Thing As A Fish is a roundtable of the researchers and writers who have to find the trivia for the show. It’s a fantastically funny look at comedic writers who spend their life looking up insanely absurd factoids about, well, everything.

The show is a really fun listen that often manages to teach you something really cool. Plus it’s got a mellow vibe — like you’re at a pub chatting about the crazy shit you read about that day. Give it a listen. You’ll be surprised at what you might learn and how much you’ll laugh.

Suggested listening: No Such Thing As A Lobster War

Fake The Nation

Fake The Nation’s host Negin Farsad walks a fine line of talking politics by not making it all that political. Farsad and her roster of rotating co-hosts breakdown the political and cultural headlines of the week and figures out what the hell is going on with plenty of jokes and laughs. That last bit makes this one a nice palette cleanser to the usual political banter that fills the political podcast world.

While this show isn’t a straight comedic podcast, it’s a current issues podcast with funny people who break down what’s happening and feels like the perfect, light-hearted fit for a podcast queue that needs a little levity.

Suggested listening: Humanize Porn! w/ W. Kamau Bell, Leah Bonnema, Kendra Cunningham, Ophira Eisenberg, Akilah Hughes, Baratunde Thurston

WTF with Marc Maron

WTF with Marc Maron is one of the most iconic comedy podcast around — right up there with Uhh, Yeah Dude. Maron helped refine the medium with his intro banter followed by in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in, well, everything. It’s not hyperbole to say that this is the gold standard of comedy and entertainment podcasting with deep heart and soul.

If you don’t dig Maron’s style of comedy of self-loathing, we’d still recommend giving this one a try. Maron is an expert interviewer and brings a commonality and accessibility to every interview subject that, truly, let’s this show shine.

Suggested Listening: Paul McCartney

Citation Needed

Wikipedia is a great resource for some things. For others, it’s a bit, let’s just say, hit and miss. In the end, it’s rife for riffing and that’s what Citation Needed is all about.

Each episode finds hosts Cecil, Eli, Heath, Noah, and Tom digging deep into a Wikipedia post and tearing it apart for laughs and reality. Where this show transcends is its ability to be both hilarious and still be informative and, dare we say, educational. It’s an impressive tightrope balancing act and 100 percent worth a listen again and again.

Suggested Listening: Episode 12, Ghost Hunting

Doug Loves Movies

Cannabis aficionado Doug Benson has been taking on movies and their ridiculousness and brilliance for years now. Benson’s live show, Doug Loves Movies, is a movie comedy podcast that brings in heavy-hitting comedians, actors, directors, and film lovers to take deep dives on movies they love and, maybe, hate. It’s a raucous and hilarious look at movies in a carefree setting that’ll pull you in instantly.

Suggested Listening: We’d suggest jumping in at the most recent episode.

The Read

Bloggers Kid Fury and Crissle spend their hilarious podcast throwing shade at every aspect of hip hop culture, pop culture, New York, and all the people operating in those worlds — basically, giving their “read” on those topics.

The Read is the perfect balance of hip hop, comedy, and insight from a young, hip perspective that doesn’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. Kid Curry and Crissle offer deep takes that have heart and aim to enlighten as much as make you laugh. It’s a great show that needs to be on everyone’s feed, especially if you want a non-fawning take on hip hop culture that’s still deeply in love with said culture.

Suggested Listening: Nike and the Big White Mad

My Dad Wrote A Porno

Sometimes everything you need to know about a show is right there in the title. My Dad Wrote A Porno is about a Jamie Morton finding out his dad, well, wrote pornography as a hobby his whole life. Morton is joined by James Cooper and Alice Levine to parse — line-by-line — Morton’s father’s erotic fiction.

This show is hilarious, cutting, awkward, and a delight. Luckily, Morton doesn’t take that awkwardness to seriously and instead mines it for comedy gold with Levine and Cooper. Each episode takes on another of the senior Morton’s writings, meaning you can dive in anywhere and get the gist with a million laughs — seriously, this is the sort of podcast that’ll have you laughing out loud while walking down the street.

Suggested Listening: Start with My Dad Wrote A Christmas Porno

FilmDrunk Frotcast

Uproxx’s own Vince Mancini’s Frotcast is a rollicking listen that touches on current pop cultural touchstones alongside current events with young San Francisco (now L.A.) comics ready to riff deep on every movie, TV show, and issue. Each episode is a pretty straightforward examination of a few topics, selected by Mancini, that the comedians break down in a way that’s brutally honest and, yes, hilarious. Plus, you’ll often get a great coming-of-age story from co-host Matt Lieb that’s part John Hughes 80s teen melodrama and part 70s dirty New York streets hardcore porn.

What makes the Frotcast endlessly fun and listenable is Vince Mancini and co-host Matt Lieb’s (shout out to L.A. Matt and Bat Chapo) ease of banter. You really feel like you’re on the couch with two dudes, drinking whiskey, and ruffling little bags of chips into the mic while you riff on how brilliant or stupid some movie, actor, or politician is. It’s chilling out with a couple of friends for an hour or two and shooting the shit with a healthy modicum of bullshit and plenty of laughs.

Suggested listening: Start with Episode 372 Matt Lieb Goes To VidCon, With Drew Platt