The Best Comedy Podcasts On Earth (Which You Should Subscribe To Immediately)

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10.02.18 26 Comments

David Pemberton

Last Updated: October 2nd

Comedy podcasts are essential listening for commuting, working out, doing the dishes, or long, solo road trips when you need to hear someone incessantly spouting out jokes and witty insight.

Here are 35 of the best comedy podcasts right now. We’re serious about these being funny — and can’t recommend them highly enough.

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My Brother, My Brother, and Me


David Pemberton

It’s an advice show for the modern era, hosted by three brothers who rarely give real advice. In fact, each episode opens with the warning that “their advice should never be followed.” That’s because Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy aren’t professional therapists or counselors or even consultants. They’re just three brothers who love to laugh.

And that’s exactly what makes My Brother, My Brother, and Me such an engaging, instantly inclusive podcast. The brothers spend each episode going through a mix of questions from their audience alongside questions from Yahoo! Answers and — more often than not — devolve into riffing off one another. It’s great, it’s genuine, it’s that ineffable quality that only brothers can share.

All joking aside, if you listen to MBMBaM close enough, you might actually hear some genuine, solid advice.

Suggested listening: Episode 265 The Ballad of Tit Liquid

Unpops Network

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Adam Tod Brown and the Unpops crew drop about ten fresh episodes of comedy gold per week. What makes this podcast network special is Brown’s knack for pulling in young and hip comedians from the L.A. scene to host unique shows.

One highlight includes Quincy Johnson II and Brown hosting a news-centric international policy show “What in the World” which lets the two comedians riff on a current event while doing a serious deep dive on the issue. On the opposite end of the spectrum, comedians Anna Valenzuela, Vanessa Gritton, and Cindy Aravena gather every week to discuss the world through their young, Hispanic lens and all the trivialities and hilarities that are part of their community. Then, there’s a great bad movie show, a Nirvana show, conspiracy show, and so much more every single week.

Suggested Listening: The Brujaja Podcast episode “We Need To Talkut Puerto Rico

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