The Best Comedy Podcasts On Earth That You Should Be Listening To

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David Pemberton

Last Updated: February 4th.

Comedy podcasts are essential listening for commuting, working out, doing the dishes, or long, solo road trips when you need to hear someone incessantly spouting out jokes and witty insight.

Here are 40 of the best comedy podcasts right now. We’re serious about these being funny — and can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

Kevin Pollak has had a long, illustrious career in Hollywood from excellent turns in The Usual Suspects and A Few Good Men in the 90s to Moishe Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel this year. The actor is also a great conversationalist.

The premise of Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show is simple. Pollak sits down with a comedian, actor, director, or tech guru and chats about their life and work. It’s a raconteur hour of great story-telling through the lens of comedy.

Suggested Listening: Last year’s episode with fellow Marvelous Mrs. Maisel co-star Tony Shalhoub is an absolute must listen for fans of the Amazon show, Shalhoub, and Pollak.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Conan O’Brien’s contribution to comedy is massive. If you simply look at his comedic writing credits (from SNL to The Simpsons), it’s already legendary. Then, of course, there are the decades O’Brien spent re-shaping the way we all watch late-night TV. Oh, and he’s also one of the best stand-ups out there. So, it’s about time O’Brien got a podcast.

The conceit of Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend is simple and a bit genius. O’Brien welcomes on guests for a 30-ish minute chat. The guests are all celebrities that have been on one of O’Brien’s late-night shows. There’s a bit of catching up and story-telling but the thrust of the show is whether O’Brien and his guest can or are friends even though the work in the same industry and are around each other professionally, seemingly, all the time. It’s a hilarious listen every damn time.

Suggested Listening: The episode wherein O’Brien welcomes Adam Sandler to the show is the perfect balance of heartfelt earnestness, comedy history, and great jokes.

R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME?

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Adam Scott and Scott Auckerman, or Adam Scott Auckerman as they’re known on the ‘cast, are running through the R.E.M. discography in hilarious fashion. The duo can chat about the Athens, Georgia band for days on end and do. There’s a real reverence at play with R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME? that never feels fawning. It’s more, “Hey, we dig this music so let’s talk about it and find out cool shit about it.”

The podcast is, of course, more than just a loving look at the music of R.E.M. Scott and Auckerman banter about a broad array of pop culture topics from classic movies to Marvel to U2. Sometimes a guest drops in which always adds more hilarity to the show. Overall, this is super easy listen that’ll leave you laughing (and searching for bootleg R.E.M. albums).

Suggested Listening: 53. R.E.M. at the BBC. Adam and Scott chat about the live 2018 boxset from the BBC. They also banter about the Twilight Zone Movie and Robin Hood and check in on U2.


Bert Kreischer is killing the game right now. He’s on a world tour, has a cooking show (Something’s Burning) on Bill Burr’s YouTube comedy network, and runs one of the most hilarious podcasts in the meantime. He’s a machine in the comedy world.

Bertcast is a great listen. Each episode finds Kreischer sitting down with a fellow comedian to shot-the-shit for about two hours. It’s goddamn hilarious and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud while you’re on your run or in your car. Kreischer also does smaller episodes called ‘Open Tabs’ where he riffles through all the open tabs on his computer from the night before. It’s always a delight.

Suggested Listening: Brian Regan & ME is the perfect spot to jump into the show. Also, check out Bert’s Open Tabs segments for a little taste of Kreischer’s comedy chops.

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