The People Have Spoken, These Are The Best Countries For Solo Travel

Solo travel is an intimidating beast. It’s so easy to create an excuse not to travel by yourself. The unknowns, the loneliness, the language barriers, health, safety, money, your dog. All these worries have kept travelers wary of going solo in the past, but it might be time to take a leap of faith, throw caution to the wind, and hit the road.

If you’re looking for that extra tiny little bit of motivation, look no further. We’ve got a feeling this visual tour of the world’s best places to travel solo (based on a Ranker poll of 22,000 people) might be the right kick in the pants to get you packing!

10. Scotland

There are plenty of young people and they tend to be pretty friendly. Good public transportation makes moving around easy and the country has a thriving hostel culture.

9. Slovakia

Again, Slovakia has good public transportation and there’s plenty to do. A popular jaunt among solo travelers are the High Tatras, a well-worn mountain area full of fellow wanderers.

8. Republic of Ireland

Ireland is full of B&Bs which makes for an eclectic, cozy stay. People are known for their hospitality and are generally nice to travelers. The country also hosts tons of festivals to keep you occupied.

7. Spain

In Spain, there are so many different cities to hit and things to see, it might be a little overwhelming on your own — but budget the right amount of time and you’ll have a blast.

6. Belgium

Belgium is a terrific destination if you love beer. However, drinking too much beer on your own could get you into a little trouble. Better make a few friends before you indulge!

5. Austria

If you’re curious, you can swim in a pool full of beer here. Be aware that the residents speak several different languages and that you’ll probably have to walk a bunch. But then again: Beer!

4. Australia

Hazzah! They speak English in Australia and it isn’t Europe so we’re finally changing things up a little bit. You’ll probably meet some other people to tag along with and there’s excellent customer service. Also, Australia is an entire continent so you’ll have a lot to do!

3. Germany

Food in Germany tends to be pretty bomb, there is a raucous beer scene, and the transportation just sort of flows. It’s hard to imagine travel getting much better than this.

2. Finland

Maybe Finland wasn’t exactly on your radar, but it’ll be tough to forget now. Saunas, architecture, outdoor cafes, and cheeky festivals. What’s not to love?

1. Netherlands

The citizenry is environmentally friendly, loves riding bicycles, and weed and sex are celebrated. Feels like an adventure waiting to happen!

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