The Best Easter Candies To Gorge Yourself On This Sunday, According To The Masses


It’s Easter weekend and that feels like the perfect time to rank some candy. If anything, Easter is a great excuse to live a little and eat a couple extra pieces of chocolate and sugary treats. We know it’s not the best for us but it sure does make us smile. Still, if we’re going to indulge and live a little this Easter weekend, we’d better eat the best sweets we can.

Over at Ranker, they asked their users to vote on the all-time best Easter candy. Nearly 13,000 votes later and a clear list of ten great Easter treats emerged. It’s a well-rounded list of crunchy treats, chocolate delights, and creamy eggy goodness that we’re sure Willy Wonka would approve of. It’s also pretty mainstream, as per the Ranker MO (so get in the comments and tell us your local stuff!).

Get your blood sugar tests ready and let’s dive into a world of pure imagination … and Easter candy.