These Are The Best Food Trucks In Every Northeastern State

06.19.17 10 months ago 2 Comments

If you’re ever been to a festival or, at this point, simply walked down the street in a city (small or large!) you’ve seen a food truck. The trend towards mobile restaurants has exploded over the last decade and shows no signs of slowing. Food trucks are everywhere, bringing eclectic fusions, gourmet cuisine, and affordable treats to the masses. Unlike other trends from the past decade (hello, truffle oil), food trucks have been able to establish themselves as valid, respected participants in the culinary world.

If you’re still resisting the sway of the mobile smorgasbord, it’s time to give it up. You live in Food Truck Nation and we’re grateful for the advantages this model provides to small, independent business owners, as well as the access it gives us to really flipping delicious food.

There are countless amazing food truck options in every state. Which made our attempt to pick the very best food truck in each state really, really difficult. There was arguing. There were tears. Cage fights occurred in the Uproxx parking lot. But eventually we emerged, exhausted, holding a list with 50 food trucks scrawled in blood. Every day this week we will be presenting the best food trucks by region, culminating in one giant “50 Best Food Trucks In All 50 States.”

We decided to break this list out by region because every region of the United States has its own distinct variation on the food truck. For instance, in the Northeast, food trucks aren’t always a year-round dining option. Understandably, it’s neither fun nor lucrative to attempt selling delicious sandwiches on the coast of Maine in 40 degree December weather. It literally never happens on Murder, She Wrote. Then, there are the regional foods, like lobster rolls and Michigans. These little idiosyncrasies are what make the food trucks on this list so special and among the best in the country.

Let’s all take a moment, bow our heads, and give thanks to Roy Choi for opening Kogi in 2008 and starting this fire. Or, you can thank your favorite taquero if Choi’s idea of upscale food trucks still chafes. And since we’re sure you have some serious opinions about food trucks that didn’t make the list, we urge you to get up in the comments and educate us.

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