The Search For The Funniest Food Truck Names In The U.S.

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We are huge street food fans, and food trucks, in particular, make us giddy. They’re an opportunity to get our hands on high quality eats we may never find in a sit-down establishment. Plus this is some egalatarian sh*t: The barriers to entry are relatively low; the acceptance for new, un-tested flavors is relatively high.

Besides, their menus tend to be very focused on fun. Which is… fun. The chefs running these trucks and carts make bold statements with their cuisine and often incorporate a heavy helping of whimsy.

It’s not just the menus tickling diners, either. Branding matters a lot in such a competitive game, so humor is often on full display in the trucks’ names and designs. Inspired by these creative culinary types, we gathered the ten funniest American food truck names. We made sure they’re all still in business, so you can visit them for sure.

Take a look, get a little hungry, and have a chuckle.

I Dream of Weenie (Nashville, Tennesee)

Nestled in East Nashville’s 5-points, this food truck is known for it’s innovative modified VW bus and delish signature charcoal-grilled dogs. Customers can grab them to go or cop a squat on the lawn and enjoy the weather. Served on artisan buns, the weenies (which come in the customer’s choice of premium all-beef, turkey, and tofu) can be ordered off a standard menu that includes rotating daily specials.

On Sundays, there’s a Weenie Brunch with items like hash brown casserole weenie, French toast weenie, and eggs benedict weenie.

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