Blind Taste-Testing Bavaria’s Lagers For Oktoberfest

Fall has arrived in the northern hemisphere and Oktoberfest is in full swing. That means that German lagers are in season around the world. Which also means it’s taste test time at UPROXX. Not simply because we like beer (we do), but also because a good German import is going to run you a solid $3.50 or more. Better to know what you’re getting into.

German lagers — “Lagerbier” or “Hell” or “Helles” — are beers that dial in the hops malts and hops to create a refreshing balance that’s meant to be drunk en masse. These aren’t sipping brews; there’s nary a hop bomb among them. These are party beers, light by German standards. And they’re a major part of why seven million people go to Munich to sing and prost this month.

A quick note on my methodology. “Blind” should probably go in asterisks here. Sure, I ranked these beers without knowing their labels, but I know most of them inside and out. I drink a lot of Augustiner, for example, and I bartended in Berlin for the better part of a decade. Lastly, these are Bavarian lagers that are available year-round, not just Munich lagers (which is all you’ll find in Oktoberfest’s tents). So don’t be a stickler in the comments.

Zach Johnston