Brewers Tell Us The Best German Beers To Get You Hyped For Oktoberfest

This year, Oktoberfest runs from September 21st until October 6th in Munich, Germany. And while that beer-fuelled festival is still a few days away, it’s definitely time to get in the German-beer spirit. Marzen (or Oktoberfestbier) is the preferred beer of the festival, but the brewing hotbed is also well-known for its pilsners, dunkels, wheat beers, doppelbocks, and smoked beers, among others.

There are so many options, in fact, that every aficionado is sure to have a sleeper German beer pick at the ready.

Augustiner Helles is such a well-balanced, drinkable beer,” says Yiga Miyashiro, director of brewing operations at Saint Archer Brewing Company. “It doesn’t hurt that it brings me back to my own trip to Munich — where we would go to the beer gardens, sip a delicate helles under the sun, and munch on giant pretzels.”

Isn’t that the point? Shouldn’t a well-made beer transport you to a different time and place? And now is the perfect time of year to be transported (literally or figuratively) to Germany. That’s why we asked some of our favorite brewers to tell us the best German beers for getting in that autumn-Oktoberfest spirit. From well-known brands to lesser-known breweries, these brewers didn’t waste any time picking their favorites.