The Best Gluten-Free Pastas On The Market

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03.31.18 11 Comments

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Pasta is a pretty simple combination of eggs and durum flour. Add a little salt, maybe a splash of olive oil and you’re set. It’s a wheat forward recipe with a lot of protein, starch, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and gluten. We’re not here to argue the benefits and drawbacks of gluten or gluten-free. But, we’ve all probably been in a pasta coma or two after a ltoo-big plate of noodles piled with cheese.

Let’s face it, wheat-based pasta is heavy. Delicious. But, yeah, we’re not talking about a light meal. A great way to lighten that meal is to try some good gluten-free pasta.*

*Five years ago, that statement would have been laughed out of any culinary establishment. These days, things have changed. Gluten-free pastas have gotten a lot better in a hurry.

With all this in mind, we’ve decided to cobble together a list of some of the best alternative-flour pasta out there. The gluten-free options that actually taste good. One great benefit of using a non-wheat flour pasta is the added flavors you’re bringing to a dish. Different textures abound and there’s a real sense of diversity in the starches when you start branching out into different flours.

If you’re cooking with any of these pasta variations, be sure to follow the instructions on cook time very closely. A benefit of durum wheat pasta is that it’s very durable. Some of these other options are not as tough and over-cooking can happen in an instant. Some chefs recommend stirring and hitting the pasta with a water rinse in the sink once cooked to halt the cooking process and prevent over-cooking. Consider yourself informed.

Explore Cuisine — Organic Black Bean Pasta

Bean flours are a great way to depart from wheat and really, really amp up the protein intake. An average two-ounce serving of Explore Cuisine’s black bean pasta has 25 grams (!) of protein. Compare that with your average wheat pasta’s 7 grams, and you’re really getting somewhere protein-wise.

Though, be careful cooking this one. It’ll fall apart quickly if left in the water too long.

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