These Fascinating History Podcasts Will Make You Fall In Love With The Past

best history podcasts

Last Updated: February 6th

A great podcast is all about being able to tell a great story. The medium thrives on masterful storytellers recounting and analyzing a moment in time that may have been forgotten or misread. It’s all about weaving threads together and adding insight along the way. That’s why history podcasts are some of the most fun listens, industry-wide.

Still, with our entire collective past to pick from, the best history podcast is hard to qualify. There’s a definite need for fascinating subject matter — but even that is almost always subjective. Some of us love hearing crazy stories from the golden age of Hollywood while others will easily get lost in the minute details of the Lutheran revolution. The possibilities stretch back all the way to the primordial soup.

Below are the 25 best history podcasts you can listen to right now. There are comedians riffing on improbable stories, hardcore history professors laying down masterclasses, and well-educated buffs diving into the worlds they love. There’s a little something for everyone. Enjoy!