The Best Road Trip Attraction In All 50 States

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Taking a road trip is one of the best ways to see America. Maybe even the best. Stop wherever and whenever you want. See something cool a quarter mile down the track? Just pull in, stretch those legs, grab a bite, and snap a pic. As great as train or plane travel is, neither can match that level of freedom.

Having long ago proven our abiding love for the open road, we thought we’d attempt the impossible and pick the very best road trip stops along the highways, byways, and back roads of America. One experience for each state that could capture something of its essence and maybe even better our collective understanding of the country as a whole.

These are must-eat food stops, breathtaking natural wonders, and historical monuments that help to make this big mixed-up nation what it is. Our final list — debated over vigorously — features a little bit of everything America has to offer, from sea to shining sea and all points in between.

ALABAMA — Edmund Pettus Bridge

Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama is one of the most important landmarks in America. Back in March of 1965, peaceful protesters, led by Martin Luther King, Jr., were attacked by law enforcement in what’s now called Bloody Sunday. This event was a crucial moment in the Civil Right’s Movement and spending a moment with that history is essential for all of us.

Get there: Follow Highway 80’s Business Route through Selma.

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