The Absolute Best Sodas Of All Time, According To The Masses

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02.09.18 40 Comments


Soda pop, soft drinks, soda, pop, or fizzy drinks (for our British readers) are a huge part of what we drink on this planet. Coca-Cola has staggering sales — the company netted nearly $42 billion last year alone. We guess Don Draper’s yoga dream came true and the whole world did get a Coke.

Health be damned, we all have that go-to soda we grab on a hot day. Some of us love the cut of a great root beer, others prefer the citrus fruit of a nice orange soda, while others still like the bite of an ice cold Dr. Pepper. But, what’s the best soda of all time? Which combination of sugar — well, corn syrup usually — fizz, and flavor is the top drink?

Over at Ranker, they asked the people to vote on their favorite sodas. 282,000 votes later, a top ten emerged. Sorry, Pepsi, you didn’t make the cut. They wound up at 12th just behind Canadain Dry Ginger Ale (which we all know should have been much higher). Let’s see if your favorite soda pop landed in the top ten. Then… let’s argue in the comments!


Coca-Cola’s Barq’s gets us started in a good spot. Barq’s is a great root beer that’s not too sweet, has a nice sasparilla bite, and goes down pretty easily when you’re dropping a buck-fifty for a hot dog at Costco.


Orange soda feels like summer days spent plunging into lakes and watching the stars come out. Sunkist definitely hits that nostalgia button hard with a sharp orange sweetness. You can almost feel that summer sweat on the back of your neck with every sip.

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