Need Some Color In Your Life? It’s Time To Follow These Street Artists On Instagram

09.11.18 10 months ago


Ever since Instagram launched the Snapchat-inspired story feature, personal feeds became less about keeping up with your friends and family and more about curating a stream of your own personal interests. Your mouthwatering lunch, the hotel you’ll be staying at for the weekend, and your humblebrag gym photos — they’re best left as story material with an expiration date. The feed is reserved for carefully curated moments.

Whether you’re interested in the sights of hedonistic egalitarian subcultures or a seeker of the world’s most hidden and breathtaking locales, it’s likely your Instagram feed is an accurate reflection of your primary interests or aspirations. And it’s safe to assume one of your interests is street art — you did click on the article after all. It’d be a shame if you came here looking for pizza.

If you love street art but aren’t always able to go prowling through your nearest metropolitan area to find it, Instagram is the perfect tool to both admire and curate a great stream of vibrant paste-ups, tags, and murals — bringing all the best from the city streets to the palm of your hand. You’ve likely heard of popular artists like Banksy or Shepard Fairey, you won’t find them on this list but that doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of a follow. This is for those aficionados eager for new creators to enter their lives.

Lady Aiko

Tokyo-born, New York City-based artist Aiko has been active in the street art scene since the mid-90s. She’s worked with Banksy and apprenticed for Takashi Murakami in his Brooklyn studio before making a name for herself as one of the most important street artists of this century. Aiko has been commissioned by such luminaries as Louis Vuitton, Apple, and everyone’s favorite former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Aiko’s style is bold, hyper-feminine and bursting with color. A truly great artist and sure to be a favorite fixture amongst your feed.

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