Where To See Street Art In Downtown LA (And What To Eat While You’re There)

08.09.18 1 year ago

Getty / Uproxx

There’s something pretty magical about being in Los Angeles at this exact moment in history. Sure, there’s always been the beach, the access to great entertainment, and, of course, the company of millions of people who wanted to escape their small towns to live where the sun never stops shining. But what’s special right now, is that Los Angeles is in the thick of an artistic and culinary Renaissance.

As a birthplace for street art, Downtown L.A. (and its surrounding neighborhoods) are becoming exponentially more vibrant and captivating — filled with moments to make you stop and marvel, then whip out your phone. Yes, there have been street and graffiti artists in the area for a long time. But over the past two decades, the medium — once dismissed as vandalism — has gained respect as a bona fide art form. The neighborhoods of downtown and East LA have exploded as a canvas for artists of all styles — from the guerilla street artists of the ‘80’s and 90’s to globally renowned muralists to the young paste up stars, following the footsteps of Banksy and Shepard Fairey.

Walking the streets downtown will give you more Instagram worthy shots than you’ll probably know what to do with, but also the sense of being dropped right into the middle of a scene that is in full bloom. Of course, no good Renaissance (or Instagram) story is complete without the new wave of creativity affecting all sectors of life. So in addition to upping your artistic IQ, we thought we’d help you expand your palate by adding a food recommendation for each stop on your tour.

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