Three Food Writers Face Off In The ‘Great Taco Showdown’

We’re doing this thing again! Zach, Vince, and I have gone head-to-head-to-head on BLTs and mac & cheese, now we’re brawling over beef tacos. Whose will reign supreme? This one looks close. What we do know is that, as it stands now, Vince is way ahead on the leader board:


Things are looking grim for our dear food editor. Can he finally eek out a win with barbacoa? Will Zach surge into the lead with ground chuck? Or will Vince pull further ahead with shredded beef? It’s up to you, the commentariat, as we begin round three of this battle for the ages.

— Steve Bramucci, editor Uproxx Life



My philosophy here was simple: I’m not going to out-authentico anyone — I didn’t do a study abroad in Jalisco, I didn’t learn any ancient recipes from a nice abuela in Guadalajara — so why try. I have strong opinions about most things, but the taco is one area where if we disagree I won’t necessarily say it’s because you’re wrong and bad and you do bad things. I’ve had 20 – 50 different types of street and taco truck tacos — carne asada, al pastor, fish, carnitas, birria, lengua, buche, tripas, etc — all varying degrees of wonderful. If you’d rather have one of those than this, I’m not going to say you’re necessarily wrong.

My guiding principle here was that when I make tacos at home, I like to make what I can’t get at a taco truck, and when I go to a taco truck, I like to get what I can’t make at home. Makes sense, right? Thus I chose the king-sized, semi-crunchy, shredded beef taco with lettuce. This was the standard restaurant-style taco I grew up with in the Central Valley, so this is basically me trying to recreate a favorite food memory.