People On TikTok Are Slapping Each Other With Tortillas — Here Are The Best Takes On The Trend

TikTok is a weird, weird place. It’s the only social media platform that champions randomness above all else — there is never any rhyme or reason to why something blows up on TikTok, it just happens. Like the Tortilla Challenge, a recent trend that has exploded on the app in which a small circle or pair of people will repeatedly slap each other in the face with a flour tortilla while holding liquid in their cheeks until someone inevitably spits out the liquid on to the “winner.”

There are a few notable variations on the trend, some people play a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets the first slap and some people skip the mouthful of water. We have a bone to pick with the latter, if you’re going to slap your close friends and loved ones with a flour tortilla for all of the internet to see, at the very least do so while running the risk of getting spit on. Have you no decency?

While getting spit on might not exactly be winning per se, watching an endless feed of other people slap each other with flour tortillas until they spew water (or whatever, get creative!) all over one another, is a quick way to triumph over boredom while you’re waiting on something or someone. So we picked out the best spins on the trend and compiled them for your viewing pleasure so that you don’t ruin your own TikTok algorithm and get nothing but tortilla slaps in your feed for the next week.

A few observations this trend has given us: big tortillas produce the best slapping sounds, some people call tortillas “tortilla wraps” or “flatbread,” and an uncomfortable amount of couples seem to take a lot of pleasure in slapping each other with tortillas.


Tortilla slap challenge gone wrong!

♬ original sound – Matt Mikhaila


Silent tortilla slap challenge @brotherofcolor @DRE2CRAY 🚀

♬ original sound – realrahsaun


I have never seen someone hit so hard with a tortilla @Laura Frisone @SisterFrizzz #tortillachallenge

♬ original sound – Nickyfrisone


Tortilla challenge 🤣🤣 #lazsiari81 quien creen que pegó más fuerte?

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey