Get Your Best Sleep Ever This Weekend, With These Cannabis Strains

Sleep is important. There are dozens of studies indicating that it leads to better health. It can also be deeply pleasurable — who doesn’t like to feel cozy? But at least 30% of adults can’t enjoy these benefits. For a variety of reasons, many of us spend each night working through every position we can comfortably contort our bodies into, with no shut-eye to show for it. Our eyes are red with exhaustion but the minute we lie down and close them our minds begin working through a list of stressors and fears.

As a result, we greet the following day with fatigue, cloudy thinking, and frustration. Which exacerbates the stressors and fears. And on and on.

Whether it’s difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep that plagues you, cannabis is well documented as a natural sleep-aid. Below, we’ve listed ten strains with a good track record for helping people get rest. Still, everyone is different — so hit the dispensary and work through them a gram at a time until you find a few that work. Then take note of their THC and CBD composition as well as their terpene profile. If you see a pattern, you’ll better know what to look for in the future.

Purple Kush


When it comes to using weed as a sedative, Purple Kush is one of the most popular strains around. A 100 percent indica variety, it can have a THC composition as high as 27 percent. That means serious relaxation. Users enjoy it in part because they find there is no initial head high that they need to wait out before the body relaxation sets in. Nope. There is an immediate physical ease complemented by a dazed sense of complete wellbeing. It’s great at knocking anxiety, depression, and pain on their asses, too. Expect to fall asleep with a content mind and a smile on your face.

People are also big fans of this strain’s aroma which leans toward the sandalwood musk associated with Afghani strains but also has notes that are fruity and sweet like plump, juicy grapes. The flavor is also a bit fruity with hashy overtones that can get you coughing. However, on the exhale, there is a sugary grape taste that’s a lot like the children’s syrup Dimetapp, but… in a good way.


Do you like your weed to come with a side of urban legend? Then, this is the strain for you. There are tales about the CIA, FBI, and other agencies gathering the best cannabis strains from breeders across the globe in the late 1960s. They used these strains to begin crafting mega hybrids at a super-secret research facility at the University of Mississippi. A man named Neville Schoenmaker convinced someone to bring him a cutting, and G-13 was chosen because it was the most stable. He then got to growing and distributing this powerhouse to the masses. This strain is generally 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa with 27 percent THC composition. That’s heavy stuff — perfect for making users lazy and lethargic before knocking them right out for the night.

G-13 isn’t a very sweet strain, so it takes a user with a more mature palate to really appreciate the woody pine flavor and the earthy undertone. It goes over well with people who like a fragrant mug of black tea without any sweetener or cream.

God’s Gift


At midnight, a lot of people who can’t sleep find themselves begging God to intervene and help them grab a few hours of Zs before they have to face another day of being a functioning human being. Whether or not this strain is God’s response, we couldn’t say, but we can tell you that this 90 percent indica hybrid has a THC composition of up to 25 percent. Don’t worry; it will knock you out for the night. The high itself comes on strong and quickly replaces all the worry in a user’s mind with a heavenly peacefulness. The relaxation is total, so you might want to smoke in bed. We aren’t saying that using it on the couch before bed means you will wake up on the couch the next morning, but we aren’t not saying that.