These Are The Best Tasting Whiskies On Earth, According To The Masses


Oh, how we love to rank the things we love. And, oh, how we love whiskey (and whisky). Put those two things together and you have yourself something worth arguing over late into the night while enjoying a nice bottle glass of the caramel-colored stuff. Yet it’s all a little futile at the end of the day. We all come to the tasting table with palates at different stages of refinement and our own entrenched tastes.

Which brings us to: Ranking shit. Public opinion often casts the deciding ballot about what’s good and what’s swill. It’s not ideal and we don’t have to listen to the masses, but that’s often just the way things go.

Over at Ranker, they asked their users to rank whiskey. Just regular, old whiskey with or without the extra ‘e,’ regardless or variety or appellation. The list turned into 21,000 people voting on what they like to drink. So this isn’t a list of the best whiskeys (whatever that even means) or which is better scotch or bourbon (whatever that even means). It’s just what people who drink whiskey like to drink — @ them, not us.