Why A Meal Service Is A Must For Anyone Looking To Eat Well While Saving Time And Money

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Skilling up in the kitchen takes a shitload of time and, let’s be honest, a lot of expense. Building a varied and deep spice rack alone will likely take years. Then there’s the waste involved in spending cash on a big ticket food item and using it maybe once, with the leftovers just sitting there (we’re looking at you, dusty bottle of Marsala wine). Who wants to drop their cash on that?

The good news is that cracks are starting to form in how we think about our food. We’re demanding better answers about sourcing, waste, and price. At the same time, food delivery services are rethinking how we buy and cook our food. This confluence of consumer and business awakening may just help with us save money, put a dent in climate change, and up our skills as a bad-asses in the kitchen all at once. Plus, y’know, it tastes good.

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