Beer Marmalade Is Your New Favorite Breakfast Condiment

craft beer tasting

Why do people get judged when they order a beer at breakfast? Beer drinkers like to drink beer. Why is a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary acceptable breakfast beverages and a tall boy of PBR or a Smuttynose Finest Kind IPA not? Well, Innis & Gunn plans to change the way we look at beer for breakfast.

The independent Scottish brewery joined forces with Dundee marmalade to create a beer lover’s breakfast spread called Marm & Ale. This isn’t some fake beer flavoring either. Do you think the Scots would mess around like that? Innis & Gunn’s  oak aged IPA is added to the marmalade during the boiling process.

So you have beer in your marmalade, but what about marmalade in your beer? Innis & Gunn has you covered on both sides, because they created a marmalade flavored beer for all those ‘made fans out there. Yes, it’s the liquid version of Marm & Ale.

You’ll probably want to add this to your breakfast lineup ASAP, but you’re kind of out of luck unless you live in Scotland. Right now, Marm & Ale is only available at Innis & Gunn’s restaurant, The Beer Kitchen. But who knows, in the near future it might end up on an imported food aisle at your local grocery store. Can you get drunk off of beer-infused marmalade? Well, you probably won’t be able to get NFL practice wasted.

If I was willing to try Sriracha beer, I’ll certainly give this a shot.

(Via Mashable)