Would You Lather Up With Soap Made From Human Breast Milk?

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What do you do when you have too much breastmilk and nowhere to put it? If you’re a normal, boring, everyday kind of mom, you just dump all that delicious white gold into the garbage and forget it ever existed; or, if you’re one of those people who’s feeling particularly generous, you donate it to a Milk Bank, which allows parents who can’t produce breast milk to purchase it for their babies. Both valid ideas!

But if you’re the type of person that’s entrepreneurial and willing to go the extra mile to make some cash in a nice market, then you take that breast milk, add some essential oil and then put it on the market for people to buy! That’s exactly what Jasmine Overton, a busy Australian mom, did, and now business is booming.

According to The Daily Mail, which chronicled Overton’s meteoric rise from stay-at-home mom to up-and-coming purveyor of breast milk beauty products, the decision to go into business began two years ago when her sister, unable to find any use for her excess breast milk, decided to just hand it over and see what could be done with it. Overton, who’s already an experienced soap-maker, started mixing up batch after batch of breast milk soap, which she says is “gentle and creamy,” and, apparently, absolutely addictive.

Aside from getting you good and clean, she claims the milk can rid you of everything from acne and redness to “itchiness” and “sensitivity.” And while Overton doesn’t have her own Etsy shop set up just yet (yet!) she says that word-of-mouth is so great that she’s finally going to strike it out on her own, making custom soaps for mothers who just have more milk than a baby can handle. ‘It’s liquid gold, full of vitamins and minerals and so good for your skin,’ Overton told The Daily Mail .

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