Walt And Jesse Are Back Together… For A Live Mezcal Tasting Today

Few TV duos are as beloved as Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul infused so much life into their respective characters that people still want to follow them on their endeavors outside of the show, even down the rabbit hole that is the celebrity-branded alcohol space. Luckily for Breaking Bad fans, Dos Hombres is actually pretty damn good — the Mezcal just took home the gold in 2020’s London Spirits Competition — so we don’t have to worry about how our own fandom affects our spirits opinions.

Today, fans will have another chance to see the duo share the same screen. And while they won’t be playing Walt and Jesse, or appearing in a Breaking Bad prequel, it’ll still be nice to see the pals interact once more.

Ever the rebels, the Paul and Cranston are hijacking National Tequila Day as a chance to pay tribute to the other agave-infused sprit — Mezcal — in a virtual happy hour on Total Wine’s streaming portal where Cranston and Paul will be making cocktails, hanging out, chopping it up with fans, and showing you the best way to enjoy Dos Hombres Mezcal.

The happy hour is set for today, July 29th, at 6:00pm EST and was announced on the official Dos Hombres Instagram this morning. To join the party, head over to the Dos Hombres Instagram page or register for free at Total Wine.