These Neon Whiskey Bottles Are The Perfect Gift For The Imbibing Art Lover

Finding a unique and truly dope gift for the ones you love is always a trial. But if you have a whiskey and art lover in your life, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey might just have created the perfect gift. The company’s new neon whiskey bottles combine your favorite drink with an art installation, and the result is stunning. Bulleit has teamed up with Neon artist Lisa Schulte to create the mini masterpieces in the humming, blown glass medium.

Schulte joined Bulleit for the distillery’s latest art movement under the “Frontier Works” banner. They started out the neon collaboration with a massive installation in Los Angeles that celebrates all things neon, Mexi-Cali, and drinking good whiskey before moving on to bottles.

Each bottle contains a different mini neon sign with a phrase or slogan. The neon warmingly glows words like “hustle” or “TCB” or “offline” as a sort of societal conversation point. It’s a lamp and art — which, again, makes for a great holiday gift.

Bulliet’s Frontier Works aims to bring awareness to specific niches of the art scene. In this case, each bottle that’s sold (they’re $1,000 each by the way) will help to fund the Museum of Neon Art. Their aim is to help restore neon around the country and support artists who are bringing the medium back to the forefront and storefronts of modern America.

“Art is an expression of who we are and who we want to be. For me, that’s a constant desire to live on the edge of the modern cultural frontier,” Shulte pondered in an recent interview on the subject. “From the form and function of the Bulleit bottle to the inspirational messages that live within, that’s what I’ve tried to create with Neon In A Bottle.”

A one-off piece of neon art in a whiskey bottle is a great way to light up a room. Whiskey sold separately.

(Via Bulleit Frontier Whiskey)