Burger King Reportedly Has A Craving To Add Popeyes To Its Fast Food Ownership Menu

Much to the chagrin of your judgmental-ass cardiologist, the fast food arms race is going into bold and often unexpected new directions to get their food inside your body. (What you do with it from there? Entirely your business.) A new report from Reuters suggests that a new merger could be on the horizon and may change the current fried chicken consumption landscape as a result.

“Adult Meal” vendors Burger King are in talks with Popeyes to acquire the Atlanta-based company. Restaurant Brands International Inc (chain owner of Burger King and hoser-nip outpost Tim Hortons) were said have spoken with Popeyes on Monday about obtaining the company. Nothing was hammered out, mind you. Negotiations did not lead to an agreed upon sale price and there’s no promise talks will continue.

Even if the meeting was strictly academic, Popeyes devotees (or the curious in markets not served by the franchise) will likely fantasize about the prospect for days. After all, Burger King’s reach would presumably help Popeyes expand beyond its current 2,000+ location status and create a more formidable sales rival to Yum!’s KFC. Frankly, we’re just in an excited froth thinking of all the mutant combo foods that could come from a BK/Popeyes merger. WRAP OUR STACKERS IN SKIN AND PLUNK ‘EM BETWEEN BISCUITS, CORPORATE AMERICA! THAT’S WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW!

(Via Reuters & Eater)