This 12-Year-Old Suffering From Cancer Got His Wish Of Watching The World Burn

Some kids, when asked what their dream is by the Make-A-Wish foundation, choose to go to Disney World. Others ask for Ravenclaw bedrooms. Still others, kids who have big imaginations and even bigger hopes, ask to be Batman. One kid, though, 12-year-old Declan, wanted something completely different. Instead of meeting a celebrity or taking surfing lessons, the leukemia survivor (he’s in remission!) asked that he be allowed to just blow some stuff up.

According to The Sun, which has a full accounting of Declan’s exploits, his decision to make some explosions happen was due to his wanting to do something “risky” and “outside of his comfort zone” in order to focus on something other than his illness for just a little while. And with their marching orders firmly established, Make-A-Wish absolutely came through, letting Declan blow things up to his heart’s content with the help of the Australian Federal Police.

From The Sun:

Declan’s explosive experience began with the AFP’s close protection team transporting the him via motorcade to the specialist force’s Canberra headquarters where he was put through his paces in several police scenarios and even a hostage situation.

Brave Declan was then driven in an armoured vehicle to a training village where he finally got to blow things up and trigger numerous explosions.

He also enjoyed a meet and greet with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Governor-General Peter Cosgrove.

Check out what happened, via ABC:

You know what? That’s pretty awesome. And according To Declan’s mom, blowing some stuff up really did work. Now Declan’s got some good memories from a terrible, terrible time in his life. “He enjoyed every minute of it,” she said.