Cannabis Strains That Will Leave You Ready For Thirds On Thanksgiving

Though Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday that can be challenging for a variety of reasons, it has the advantage of featuring great food. There are few better ways to self-soothe fraught feelings than munching a table piled high with dishes designed to evoke nostalgia, delight the senses, and offer comfort. Plus, you generally get to enjoy the bounty with some of your favorite people and your favorite libations. Awesome. But Thanksgiving can be even better with one simple addition: weed.

It’s no secret that cannabis often results in wicked munchies that have you inventing bizarre combos in your kitchen or snarfing down excessive quantities of whatever you can get your hands on. This makes it an ideal addition to a gluttonous holiday upon which people often complain they achieved fullness before they got to try everything. With a few tokes, that’s no longer an issue. Plus it makes an excellent social enhancement and improves moods — all things we need a little more of around the holidays.

We selected 10 strains that are known for stimulating appetite to help you pre-game. From people looking to hit the couch and nap after a big meal to those keen to trade stories as they indulge in a third slice of pumpkin pie, you’re sure to find a strain or two here that will turn this food holiday into full feast mode.