Cannabis Strains That Will Leave You Ready For Thirds On Thanksgiving

Though Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday that can be challenging for a variety of reasons, it has the advantage of featuring great food. There are few better ways to self-soothe fraught feelings than munching a table piled high with dishes designed to evoke nostalgia, delight the senses, and offer comfort. Plus, you generally get to enjoy the bounty with some of your favorite people and your favorite libations. Awesome. But Thanksgiving can be even better with one simple addition: weed.

It’s no secret that cannabis often results in wicked munchies that have you inventing bizarre combos in your kitchen or snarfing down excessive quantities of whatever you can get your hands on. This makes it an ideal addition to a gluttonous holiday upon which people often complain they achieved fullness before they got to try everything. With a few tokes, that’s no longer an issue. Plus it makes an excellent social enhancement and improves moods — all things we need a little more of around the holidays.

We selected 10 strains that are known for stimulating appetite to help you pre-game. From people looking to hit the couch and nap after a big meal to those keen to trade stories as they indulge in a third slice of pumpkin pie, you’re sure to find a strain or two here that will turn this food holiday into full feast mode.

Mango Kush

This 65 percent dominant indica hybrid is going to give you the hunger you need to put a dent in the heftiest of turkeys, but it’s also going to layer sedation on top of your tryptophan sleepies, so make sure you have a nap slotted into your day planner. Prior to passing out with gravy breath, you’ll be the life of the party because, despite a solid body stone, Mango Kush makes users very open and talkative. Prepare to regale your Friendsgiving crew with the deets about your latest sexual conquest or health scare. It will also give you the giggles, making whatever stories you hear in return some of the most hilarious to which you have ever played audience.

The flavor profile and scent of Mango Kush is pretty tropical. There is mango obviously, but you are also gonna get a little banana. Some of the dominant terpenes lend spicy, piney notes, but these are faint.

FPOG (formerly Fruity Pebbles OG)

Fruity Pebbles strains are typically labeled indica dominant hybrids, but as there are a bunch of different varieties with different parentages, there is no hard and fast rule. Your best bet is to ask a dispensary employee to break down the makeup of the varieties they have for sale. FPOG is going to get you high very quickly. It’ll be a lot of relaxation across your body and some psychedelic effects. A lot of users find their senses sharpening, which means your holiday meal will impress in a big way. You will also feel mental tension dissipate — leaving you with a mental clarity that makes conversation more stimulating. Be sure not to go overboard if you buy a strain that has a high indica percentage or you could end up couchlocked.

This strain legit smells like the breakfast cereal of the same name. It’s got a fruity, citrus scent and flavor that remains when combusted. On the exhale, it is pretty sugary, as well. More discerning palates might catch peppery notes.

Sour Tangie

Tangies, in general, are some of our favorite strains because they taste so good and they’re fairly hard hitters. Sour Tangie, a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Sour Diesel and Tangie, is no exception. The THC content often ranges as high as 30 percent, and that is crazy good. In addition to increasing the chances that you will independently work your way through an entire pie, this strain is ideal for social gatherings because it keeps you engaged in conversation, makes you more likely to feel connected to others, and ups your chattiness.

Plus, though it relaxes you a little, the body stone generally won’t knock you out. Instead, you get pretty active and your thoughts intensify. If you have some family game of football or dance-off after eating, you can still shame your relatives with your moves.

Sour Tangie does carry a bit of that petrol flavor and scent from its Sour D relative, but we are here for the strong citrus instead. And we swoon for the spicy orange notes you get on the exhale. It is supremely tasty.

Platinum Purple Kush

If Thanksgiving stresses you to a breaking point, Platinum Purple Kush is a pretty solid cannabis choice because it won’t just make you ask for a third helping of mashed potatoes; it will also make you so relaxed and happy that you won’t care when your father makes a snide comment about your excessive potato consumption. You might even find it funny because fits of laughter are pretty common with this strain. Some people feel their focus sharpening, which is ideal for people whose families break out the board games after the meal. It won’t make your family less irritating, but it’ll give you the edge you need to kick their asses at Apples to Apples, and that’s pretty cool too.

Expect a really sexy grape aroma like walking through vines in the warm, summer sun. It’s a little bit berry, a little bit grapey, and a little bit earthy. We like the richness of the flavor, which seems to fill your mouth like a jammy cabernet.

Orange Skunk

If you don’t smoke a lot of bud or you aren’t looking to get stoned out of your gourd, Orange Skunk is a great strain for a Turkey Day get together. As it only comes to the table with a helping of 16 percent THC on the average, you will get a little buzz without being rocketed to the outer limits. And because it is an 80 percent sativa, this strain will help you curb your nap urges and rachet up your energy, creativity, and euphoria. This makes you primed for socializing and maybe for leading a sing-along. We also like that it makes your limbs all warm and sends tingles across your skin. If you are able to responsibly have a toke with a glass of wine or a beer, you will feel exceptional.

Skunk lovers will like the musky skank that is layered over a solid citrus foundation. It is super easy to enjoy, as it has a lush, sweet smoke. Infrequent smokers won’t find it harsh at all.


Thanksgiving dinner can drag on for a lengthy period of time, and it may not be convenient to blaze up at the table or excuse yourself to toke in secret before returning for seconds or thirds. Caramelo is solid in this situation because the sativa-dominant hybrid has a high that extends longer than the average one. It also hits like a standard sativa, leaving you with some fun free-associative thoughts while chilling you out. Because it reduces both anxiety and inhibitions, it can also make users horny. We don’t know how many chances the average person has to hook up on Thanksgiving, but we suggest you pursue one if it presents itself. If not, channel your sexual hunger into the literal munchies and load up on green bean casserole, which can be very satisfying.

Well… not sexually so… but still.

Users who like their sweets will find the sugary, cocoa scent of this strain appealing. When smoked, the taste is like a flavored coffee, with a palatable smoke that is both nutty and saccharine. It’s seriously yum.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a heavy-duty hybrid cross between Haze and Blueberry that sometimes leans slightly on the sativa side. It really is a beautiful blend of the best parts of its parent strains, offering a sweet cerebral buzz that keeps users motivated and focused. People who dread attending a holiday function will find it calms them. Medical use often includes alleviating chronic fatigue and depression, so it works really well for those dragging their feet all the way to the dinner table. It also produces a powerful hunger, so the desire to stuff yourself with a metric ton of cornbread dressing could also help motivate you as you Toucan Sam your way to the table. It’s a high THC strain, so give it time to kick in before going back for more or you could end up immobile.

This strain is jam-packed with sweet berry flavors that linger long after you have exhaled. It gets a lot of its sugary smell and taste from its blueberry parent, but it can also have herbal notes that round it out.

Critical Mass

Named not because it starts a chain reaction but because the buds can get big enough to snap the branches on which they grow, this indica-dominant strain is on the higher end of the THC content spectrum. The high makes people’s minds clear and focused with an urge to be creative. However, it can be sedating. As the effects last between two and three hours, users can expect to make it through a couple plates of turkey and some sides before feeling a little sleepy. In addition to helping you mow through those plates with maximum zeal, Critical Mass will give you the best sleep of your life. Don’t worry about exchanging chit chat post-dinner; this is your time to follow your grandpa’s lead and nod off until pie is served.

This strain has a complex fragrance and flavor profile. It manages to be both sweet and earthy. There is a fair amount of woody pine and oak present, but there is also a fruity element not unlike ripe melon. It’s a bit different than your average weed taste in a really good way.

Blackberry Kush

There are straight-up Thanksgiving people who embrace the holiday and everything that goes with it. But we get that there are other people who are overwhelmed by large groups and the potential of listening to other people’s political opinions and assessments of the current state of the nation. Blackberry Kush is for those people having a hard time getting excited. The 80 percent indica strain reduces nervousness, stress, and anxiety while also dialing euphoric feelings of happiness. It’s on this list because it also gives you massive munchies, but there’s no reason to discount the mood benefits. It can, however, push people into a sedated state that isn’t ideal for socializing, so use small amounts initially and prepare to potentially need a little shuteye.

This is another strain with a complicated blend of flavors. The Kush lineage means hashy jet fuel flavors, but they are tempered by the taste of sweet berries. If you like the Kush and Diesel strains, you will dig on this.

GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies)

When growers crossed Durban Poison and OG Kush, they created a staple strain beloved by people across the country. The THC content can be as high as 28 percent, which is part of the appeal. But users also like the speed with which waves of euphoria hit them along with some electrifying body tingles. Your mood will alternate between fits of giggles and contemplative observation during the hours-long high, so you might seem weird to the other people at the dinner table if you get too high. Couchlock can also result if you go overboard. However, if you smoke in moderation, you will simply feel happy and powerfully hungry. These munchies are legit no joke.

GSC does have the flavor of cookies. It is sweet with undertones of vanilla and buttery richness. Also present are earthy and herbaceous notes that counter the dessert quality. It’s fairly tasty, especially if you like your weed sugary.