Taco Bell’s New $1 ‘Cheeto Burrito’ Is Peak Stoner…And You Know You Want One

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Remember when you were jealous of Canada for getting the Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider? Be jealous no longer, cheese-chomping friends. The U.S. is getting its own Cheetos-stuffed Mexican mashup: the Cheeto Burrito.

According to Business Insider, the Cheeto Burrito will contain seasoned meat, rice, cheese sauce, and — yes — Cheetos. The best part? The whole shebang will only set you back a buck. Which is roughly equal to the amount of money you can scrounge from your car seat cushions when you’ve got the midnight tummy grumbles.

We can only imagine how the concoction will taste. Will the Cheetos inside get soggy and soft? Or will they maintain that crunch that everyone loves? And how will the flavor mesh with the rice and seasoned meat?

All speculation aside, now comes the part where we smash your hopes and dreams of all-night Cheeto Burrito benders: the Cheeto Burrito will only be available in Cincinnati-area Taco Bell restaurants starting mid-August. If that’s not where you’re located, you can order yourself a Doritos Locos taco or five for consolation anytime, or better yet, visit your nearest Burger King for a carton of Mac n’ Cheetos. All the cheesy flavor, none of that filler nonsense. (But seriously, we’re really hoping this one catches on. Can we get Cheetos-shell tacos next, please?)

(Via Business Insider)