Chili’s Is Under Fire For Snatching Away A Veteran’s Free Meal

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11.15.16 7 Comments


It’s not unusual for military veterans to receive complementary treats on Veterans Day as a form of gratitude for all that they do for the nation. Sometimes, vets nab a cannoli or cookie and, other times, they are offered a complete meal. This year, Ernest Walker attempted to enjoy a free meal at his local Dallas-Fort Worth Chili’s (thankfully not the one that tried to launch ‘Sexy Cooks of Chili’s‘) and was served a giant helping of disrespect instead.

Walker asserts that a diner dressed in an American Flag shirt and flashing a Trump sticker approached him to ask a question. Walker’s truthful response didn’t satisfy the customer, who pursued the manager and alleged that Walker was not a genuine veteran. Shockingly, the manager confronted Walker loudly and publicly and questioned both his service — despite being provided with Walker’s military ID and discharge papers — and his service dog, Barack.

Refusing to let the outrageous act proceed without being documented, Walker busted out his phone and recorded a singularly unhelpful Chili’s manager refusing to answer any of Walker’s direct questions, before reaching out and snatching a Styrofoam take-out container from the vet’s hands. You go for a man’s dog and then his doggie bag?

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