A Popular Chipotle Quesadilla Hack Is Hitting The Official Menu

A popular Chipotle quesadilla hack is getting the official treatment! The hack in question is a simple one: adding fajitas to a quesadilla. You’d think this would be something already on the Chipotle menu, considering fajitas make everything from the burrito to the bowl better, but it’s not. The quesadilla itself is a digital menu exclusive, so getting it customized is always kind of a pain because the app doesn’t even give you the option to add fajitas.

This means you have to add it to the notes section of your order and hope whoever is building your quesadilla listens, or worse, go into a Chipotle and try to convince them to do it for you even though, again, the quesadilla is a digital exclusive. (Brands, we shouldn’t need an app to get your dumb food.)

The point is that for whatever reason Chipotle makes doing something incredibly simple difficult for everyone involved. Well, that all changes in March when the fajita-packed quesadilla officially joins the digital menu (ugh, f*cking Chipotle), saving us (and the employees) the trouble of you trying to hack the menu. The way the grilled onions and bell peppers add savory, vegetal, and sweet notes to the quesadilla will make it so that you’ll never be able to have that plain ‘ol meat and cheese quesadilla ever again.

Might this be the best new addition to the Chipotle menu since that guajillo steak and pollo asado? Yes. Now if only we could get a guajillo steak or pollo asado fajita quesadilla. Make it happen, Chipotle! And don’t make us go online to get it!