Coca-Cola Is Now Part Of The ‘Star Wars’ Universe

Here is something casual Star Wars fans still don’t realize about Disneyland’s upcoming Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attraction — everything in the park is canon. That means, if you see it in the park, it’s part of the Star Wars Universe and can show up in future movies, comics, television shows, cartoons, video games or anything else that falls under the Star Wars umbrella. But for a tourist attraction like Disneyland, that commitment to story continuity presents a unique challenge when it comes to the more mundane aspects of visiting Disneyland, like eating or drinking. The Disney Imagineers who put together the new attraction have already Star Warsified the food, and now even the Coca-Cola sold at Galaxy’s Edge is getting the “in a galaxy far far away” treatment.

“When we first approached Coca-Cola and shared the idea of bringing their products in the Star Wars galaxy in a new and unique way, they immediately saw the opportunity to give our guests the refreshing drinks they love in a way that maintained the authenticity of the story — which is very important to us — and that was, frankly, just plain cool,” said Walt Disney Imagineering studio leader Scott Trowbridge in a statement.

The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola, as well as Sprite, Diet Coke, and Dasani water have all been redesigned, with new labels written in the Star Wars language of Aurebesh. Even the shape of the bottles has been changed to something more in line with what you’d find in the Star Wars Universe, though I’d argue — nerd alert — that they look like thermal detonators which is something you wouldn’t want to drink out of because, you know, it would explode in your face.

So where do you stand, is this a cool way for Disneyland to immerse you in the world of Star Wars or wholly unnecessary? I mean, I think we can all suspend our disbelief when it comes to grabbing a Coca-Cola right? We’ve never seen a bathroom in the Star Wars Universe either, but they didn’t need to design special toilets and sinks.

Wait! Have they designed special toilets and sinks?! Oh man, we gotta see this freaking theme park.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is set to open on May 31st, at Disneyland and August 29th at Disney World.