Coke Is Wrapping Itself In The Stars And Stripes This Summer

You love America, right? Well, this is the summer that you’re being asked to prove it by pouring America down your flavorhole. Or something like that.

Budweiser caused a fuss earlier this month when they revealed their “America” branding strategy and now Coca-Cola has gotten into the act with a new line of cans wrapped in the stars and stripes. Presumably when technology gets to the point where soda can retain the coloring of a Bomb Pop we’ll see that inside the can, but for now it’s the packaging that gets the patriotic makeover. As you can see from the cans above, Lee Greenwood’s NONE MORE PROUD pro-America anthem “God Bless the USA” has its lyrics located on the beverage transportation device. Geez, if you’re going to be drinking from just a regular red can, you might as well be inviting the Soviets to kick down Ronald Reagan’s gravesite.

Coca-Cola, who will be rolling out these cans from now until the Fourth of July, are pretty jazzed about the new look. The limited edition design exists to mark the anniversary of a partnership Coke’s been involved in for three-quarters of a century.

“In a nod to nostalgia and patriotic pride, Coca-Cola this weekend kicks off a flurry of events that pay tribute to the nation’s Armed Forces members and the USO’s 75th anniversary (which also marks the 75th anniversary of the company’s partnership with the USO).”

Another great way to honor the men and women that protect America is to rebroadcast this insane Coke ad from the 90s. It also is a great source of “nostalgia and patriotic pride.”

(via Ad Age)