Tough Love From Two Ex-College Instructors

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A college education is presented as a cure-all. The prevailing narrative is that anyone without one is doomed to forever sling fries at McDonald’s (which is a completely respectable job that could be more fiscally rewarding soon). But, while most people will tell you that you need a degree, few people take the time to tell you how to maximize its value. That’s a lot like telling you a flood is coming and that you need to swim without ever handing you a set of floaties.

Back in the day, Mark Shrayber and I were college instructors. I taught English and he taught psychology to undergrads. Back then, we were watched by the admin, now we’re fancy internet writers and can say whatever we want. So we thought that this would be a perfect time to drop some knowledge. Knowledge that will help you navigate college and the real world.

Revere The Syllabus

Chances are if you need to take a sick day from work, you will know the procedure for taking one. You won’t email your boss the night before with a list of questions and excuses. At least, you won’t do that more than once. In college, your class syllabus will be your first strong example of working with internal documentation. A syllabus is an employee handbook that has the added benefit of telling you exactly what to do to impress your boss, or in this case, your instructor.

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