This One-Day-Old Goat Decides To Buck The System And Spend Its First Day Hopping Around The Farm

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04.17.16 2 Comments

Life is hard. Today, we’re seeing young people under heavy pressure to perform at a young age. This is likely the case in the animal world as well. This baby goat wants none of it. Any normal 1-day-old goat would gingerly take its first steps and take in the world around it, overwhelmed at it’s new life. Goats have jobs on farms, and it would be briefed by its loving parent until it too would go on to provide a tangible value to its own existence. Maybe it would give some milk to make a delicious cheese, or pull a cart, or just be a zany friend to the other animals. Basically, it would fall in line to the status quo.

Not this goat. We can all learn from it’s jumpy ways.

This goat has no use for taking first steps, it wants to be free and explode through the air. This goat is unburdened by the realities of the farm, and is blissfully unaware of the long life of hard work that will befall him. Unless, of course, it is butchered. In which case it is blissfully unaware of the short life it’s about to lead. Or even worse – a petting zoo life.

But for now, the goat is free as a bird. It is leaping through life with the fervor of a goat that has limitless possibilities ahead of its horns…

It’s also the size of a cat are you seeing this?

(Via Sunflower Farm Creamery)

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