Disney’s Groot Bread Is Everyone’s Favorite New Summer Theme Park Snack

It’s a snack, it’s a selfie accessory, it’s a self-declarative statement, it is: Groot Bread. As part of its new Summer of Heroes event, and to go along with the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, Mission Breakout!, Disney has introduced an edible version of one of its most popular characters, Baby Groot.

Groot Bread is exactly what it sounds like — sourdough bread shaped like the pint-size vegetal superhero, with black olives for eyes and jalapeño cheese for his hair, er, bark. It’s a big hit at Disney California Adventure, and on social media. We’ve clearly come a long way from the days of Flintstones Push Ups when it comes to edible marketing.

Signage for the snack riffs on Groot’s signature tagline, reading “I Am Bread!”

The Instagram-ready snack has been snapped in front of the Mission Breakout! ride:

It can fuel a day of theme park hopping:

Groot Bread is definitely the most delicious part of the new Guardians attraction:

It’s upping people’s selfie games:

It’s also causing office controversy:

The cheese-free version even won over vegans:

According to Refinery29, Groot Bread can be found in Mission Breakout! as well as Fairfax Market in California Adventure’s Hollywoodland. The jalapeño-cheese version is served at Cosmic Canteen.