Broke For The Holidays? These Dollar Store Stocking Stuffers Are Surprisingly Nice!


It always seems like the holidays come at the most financially lean time of the year. The time of the year where you start to think, beans — “My paycheck is beans, I should only eat beans, oh God beans are the worst.” (Delicious bean recipes coming soon!). Well, stop crafting gifts from cardboard tubes for your nearest and dearest and pull up a stool. Let me take you on a journey to the land of milk (powdered and weird) and honey (they had quite the honey selection!): your local dollar store.

I went to Jack’s! in Manhattan near the feculent Port Authority Bus Terminal. Your best bets in Dollar Stores geography are the kitchen, bath and home goods aisle. You can find some satisfyingly exotic stuff in the food aisle if you’re feeling adventurous.

Here’s my haul:



Michelle Doll


This little bovine creamer set me back $3.99. She’s awesome! Nostalgic, possibly useful, and even cuter if you add a tiny little plant to it. A succulent maybe?

I Like My Wine Like I Like My Men, Cold and Stacked in the Fridge




The Make My Day Stack at $2.99. These were super cheap compared to the Amazon price, which frankly, still isn’t that bad. Finally, a gift for your Aunt with short refrigerator shelves. I never know what to get ol’ Lushy Aunt Lollipop*. Thank You Dollar Store!

*In truth, I’m keeping this one


A Nice Way of Saying, “Take Better Care of Yourself”


I found a Rejuvenating Gel Eye Mask in both pink and blue. Heat it up for headaches or cool it down for the puffies. Even better, a portion of the proceeds go to the Inspiration Foundation. A nonprofit that helps people with vision loss to live fulfilling independent lives ($2.99).

Also from Cleanlogic, a combination brush and pumice stone ($2.99) and natural Sea Sponge ($1.99). Put them together and BOOM, spa themed gift.

Pampering for Winter Hands

Here’s a pair of gloves that are infused with a ton of lovely smelling hydrating oils. You wear them to bed or around the house. Perfect for that Chef you know who has terrifyingly dry hands. ($2.99). If you don’t know a chef with terrifyingly dry hands, it’s worth noting that I’m a chef with terrifyingly dry hands.

YAY Something for Just .99


Exfoliating bath gloves. They came in an array of colors with a convenient packaging window to “feel the scrubing power” (sic). My favorite part is how the woman on the package is hugging herself. The holidays can be a very lonely time. Lonely and scale-y. Exfoliate!


Mad Microfibers, son! 


Spa Savvy’s Twist Hair Turban is pretty awesome, especially for your gym rat friends. You usually get one towel at the gym so are you going to put your hair up to dry or maintain an ounce of modesty? This is tiny enough for your gym bag so you can do both.

Ear Bags. Quite Possibly the Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Bought.


You fall under a spell when everything is cheap. Crap can start to look darn fine under stark fluorescent lighting. You convince yourself that you’re a brilliant shopper and start to load up your basket. Stop. Reassess all purchases before hitting checkout. ADD THEM UP. It’s should be cheap right? Take the time to edit your basket. I didn’t. And now I’m out $3.99. Stupid earbags.


Urban Gear


I’m a closet prepper. No, I don’t prep for the apocalypse in my closet, I just quietly keep things like a flint in my purse and a snake bite kit in my backpack. Hey, you never know. I’ll rule the world when it’s overrun by snakes and wet kindling! This handy little guy has three screwdrivers in it, a bottle opener, nail file, nail cleaner, thread cutter and tweezers. It also came in a nifty/possibly air tight container. This was my big ticket item at a whopping $4.99

It’s not too late to get some awesome gifts. Get out there and stretch that dollar. Share in the comments what you found!