Learn How To Make A Doritos-Crusted Chimichanga In 17 Seconds

You have to give it to Dude Foods — they aren’t wasting our time with a bunch of mindless chatter. The vid is simple but informative, lasts 17 seconds, and the dish looks like a pretty solid upgrade to a regular Taco Bell burrito (and you know we love burritos around these parts). If you knew a good guac recipe and had a solid mole rojo sauce in your repertoire, you could serve this at a dinner party and people might be legitimately impressed.

Cooking is all about cost/benefit — and this dish feels like an easy win from all angles.

Quick notes:

  • Get the oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before frying, otherwise the burrito will absorb too much oil
  • Put salt and pepper in your egg wash (that’s what he dips the burrito in before the Doritos crumbs)