Your Newest Dream Job Lets You Travel The US Drinking Canned Wine

If you’re at your wits end in the office and ready for a new adventure, we may have found just the job for you. But you’ll have to act quickly because this hip company is only accepting applications for another four days. Your title — Canbassador/Marketing Assistant. Your role: travel the U.S.A. promoting wine from a van! What could be better?

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Union Wine Company is looking for an individual to join their “Road Trip Events team.” Among the products you would promote is Underwood Wine in a Can, which we called the drink of summer last year. It looks like you would also spend some time slanging booze out of the company’s 1972 Citroën mobile wine bar at music festivals, store openings, and other outdoor events. Perfect.

Though the road can be fun, the company warns that it can also be a little daunting. The job post mentions being away from home for between one and four months, working long hours, adapting to stressful and changing conditions, sleeping in weird places, having few amenities, and possessing the ability to drive a large, manual vehicle, with a trailer, in an urban environment. With the exception of the last vehicular set of qualifications, you’ll essentially be a contestant on Survivor.

You also need to have a good attitude about wine, have good navigation skills, and be able to life 50lbs REPEATEDLY. Check plus! Check! And check minus! But the lifting can be learned!

Look, make no mistake: There’s a lot of honest to goodness work involved on this one. But still, it’s van full of wine! That’s a win in our book and always will be.